I have a little rule that I may someday end up breaking, but I don't typically post pictures of my daughters unless their face is hidden or in profile. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing all of my blogging friends pics of their little ones, but I guess I'm just worried about "who else" out there maybe looking at my children. Paranoid? Probably. I'm sure down the line you'll get to see my lovely family, but I need to feel more comfortable in doing so :-)

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who feels this way?

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I am a brand new blogger, with three girls of my own. I will not show pictures of them, myself or refer to them by name in my blogs. So no I do not feel you are paranoid just being cautious. Michelle
of course I post pictures of my son at my blog but mostly I put signature on that photos. About anything else, I don't too worried. I always with my son when ever he go :D
I love the sense of community within the blogosphere and I think using pictures and names help build relationships with other bloggers. But you're right to be cautious. I show pictures of my family but the only real name I use is mine. I call my boys Big pup and Little pup.
I have just started experimenting with adding pictures of my kids, depending on the subject of the post. But I do admit to feeling a bit paranoid about it. I never use their names though.
the pictures I do share don't show their faces
I post pictures of my son, it is about my life so for me it would be hard not to.
I have always posted pics of my kids, call me naive.
I use names and pictures of my kids. I blame it on being under educated when I began blogging 2 years ago! I like using the pictures but if I had know all the things that could happen I wouldn't be so open about things. Of course my hubby has no problem posting anything and everything about himself or the family so if someone really wanted us they could find us. Besides maybe I just made up my family and I am really some haggard lonely hermit woman living in Guam. :) You just never know!
Sometimes I do...but generally in a more secure environment where I have control over who views them (for example, on Facebook). Good question!
I wonder what the fear is about putting your kids' pics online? The odds are far greater of running into a creep right in your home town who has easier access to your kids due to proximity and the ability to follow you around and discover your patterns etc. I put pics of my kids up without hesitation but have always been curious as to why others won't. What could possibly happen? We write about our kids, people online know we have kids and in most cases can figure out their age and gender. To me it isn't any different than walking out your door, going to a playgroup, hanging out at the park. So what if people know I have kids or know how cute they are? We risk being exposed to weirdos every day in real life, and odds are the ones online don't live anywhere nearby. There's my $0.02! :)
I show their faces on my blog. I figure they can't contact them unless through me anyway and they would have to harm me to get to them, because there is always a trusted adult with them!
My Husband and I have this debate every couple months. He is the one that does not want the photos of the kids on-line. So out of respect for his concern, which I understand, I do not do it as often. And he knows when I do. :)


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