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I have a little rule that I may someday end up breaking, but I don't typically post pictures of my daughters unless their face is hidden or in profile. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing all of my blogging friends pics of their little ones, but I guess I'm just worried about "who else" out there maybe looking at my children. Paranoid? Probably. I'm sure down the line you'll get to see my lovely family, but I need to feel more comfortable in doing so :-)

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who feels this way?

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Yes, I do post pictures of my kids and use their names. I used to blog anonymously, before I had kids, and it was so exhausting. When we decided to do a public blog, because our families don't live near us, we used our names. And then when my dad went to Iraq, a few months after his first grandson was born, I started posting a picture of our son everyday, so my dad wouldn't miss out. I guess because I focused on who the blog was for and not who it wasn't for, it made it easier for me to do.
I do post photos of my son online...matter of fact one of my blogs is a photo journal of him where i post a new photo every day. I don't worry about people seeing him or me...that's the point =) Funny thing is everyone knows what he looks like so if they ever see him with someone else besides me then they'll know something is wrong. It's turned into a sorta protection for us.
I post picture of my daughter because my parents were on the other side of the world and want to see her even on the internet and since they can't go here... but even so I'm so careful not to share any personal information on my blog to trace us.
I understand how you feel and agree with you. A few pictures or none at all usually.
No, I'm trying to keep things as anonymous as possible, more for their sake than mine. Since I blog about the challenges of being a mother and thus often discuss my own challenges, I prefer not to link my poor innocent family members to my pontifications. Just because we're related doesn't mean I should possibly embarrass them by associating them to my views. I certainly enjoy the intimate feelings of mutual friendship of the blogsphere, but, really, the internet is not a private place.
Not often, but I do sometimes post pictures of them. I don't post their real names on my blog though. I'm a little uncomfortable with it. But there are many bloggers who do post pictures and names and get tons of traffic (i.e Dooce). I'm just not at that comfort level though.
I don't refer to my children by name, and never post pictures of my kids, or at least not identifiable parts of my kids. They are older--their friends have computers and the internet. I really don't want what I say to come back to haunt them at school tomorrow.

I think younger mommy bloggers tend to forget that the kid is going to grow up--and naked baby pictures on the internet tend to become the ghosts in the machine.


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