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I am thinking about getting my daughters their own digital cameras for Christmas. Do any of your children have digital cameras? My girls are 10 and 7 and I think they'd enjoy being able to get creative with a camera and upload their photos to their own blog.

Any company make great kids' cameras?

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My boys (4 and 7) have a KidTough camera -- it's very bare bones but a good intro for them. Though my 7 year old usually takes mine!
My 12yr old got his digital camera 10 and it was a Kodak. He loves it. I think camera's are great for kiddos...give them the chance to get out and be creative and see things differently.

No brands here......We use Sony, Kodak, and Nikon so I'm not any help on smaller kids.
Big Guy, 5, has a hand-me-down, but I gave it to him more out of self-preservation (keeping sticky hands off my camera) than out of the idea that a 5-year-old needs a digital camera.

He has a lot of fun with it, and goes through bouts where he has to take it with him when we go somewhere. It's usually when I'm taking my camera, too. It's really cute!
My 6 and 4 year olds love to take pictures. They got a kids camera for Christmas last year but it was crap. Dark pictures. Short battery life. They're interested in taking pics but not uploading them and printing them out. So I let them use my camera.
I bought a kid's digital camera for DS1 last Christmas after he had such fu using my old camera. Can't remember what brand it was but none of us were too happy with it. He could certainly hold it easier than he could my old digital camera and there were far fewer finger shots but the quality wasn't that great and the photos were very small. he loves looking at his photos onthe compter & these were tiny. I sold it on eBay and he uses my old Olympus Camedia camera all the time now. He's almost 6 & he's pretty much figured out how to hold it & keep his fingers out of the way and I got an adjustable wrist strap I insist on his wearing so he can't drop it.
My boys are young (2 and 4) and they love our digital camera, they want to get their hands all over it! I am hoping to give the kids a camera when they are older.

I would look for sales and check reviews at Amazon for real cameras that are under $100. We had a Kodak Easyshare that was nice and now we have a Canon Elph (one of the high rated ones at Amazon). Ours were more than $100 but I would see if you can find an older model or a model that is being discontinued and find something that's reasonable for a child to use. I would also look for something that has bigger buttons and has fairly easy settings and modes. I think both the Kodak and Canon have simple interfaces.

Have fun!!!

My eldest daughter has a Canon Powershot A560. It takes some pretty nice photos - a lot better than I can do with my DSLR at times! We got it for her when she was twelve.

We'll be getting our youngest one when she gets a bit older - she's 8 right now.
Only my eldest has her own camera. She is almost 17. I got a digital camera for the younger kids but I ended up taking it away, because they were just too hard on it.
Yes, my 4 year old got the fisher price digital camera for Christmas a year (maybe two) ago. At first I was against the idea, we don't allow video games, etc yet, but it turned out great because we could see the pics before we developed them and that saved A LOT of money. :) He's also turning into quite a photographer. The FP camera is great too, it really withstands the beatings.
No they don't, but on occassion I let them use mine and I always LOVE the pictures they take. It's great to see what the kitchen looks like from an 8-year-old's perspective or close ups of their dolls. It's fun!
We got our oldest son one last year for CHristmas, and our younger son will be getting one this year! They are HP cameras...nice and basic!
My son is 2 years old, so...he still don't have own digicam. BUT I plan to buy for him digicam as his birthday present next year.


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