I would like your opinion on this please. Is it ever OK to have a contest or giveaway that is for bloggers only?

It seems that there are so many people without blogs that enter blog contests. I guess it's like entering online sweepstakes for them.
It's not that I have anything against them but I'd rather have bloggers who may visit my blog again then someone who just randomly goes from blog to blog just for contests.

What are your thoughts about this?

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I know what you mean. I get hundreds of entries from non-bloggers and feel bad for my loyal readers. I have never done it but I have seen it done and several blogs.

I probably wouldn't do it all the time but every once in a while wouldn't be no big deal.

You could also make it a little tougher for non-bloggers but still giving them a chance to participate by having them email 2 or more friends about your giveaway adding your email to the cc so that you can verify that they have emailed other people about it. I've seen that done too.
I think if you had something really great to giveaway, you could limit it to your loyal readers/fellow bloggers. Making a habit of it may not be a good idea, though.
I do see what you're saying, though. It's a tough decision to make.
I like your suggestions Lori and Amy Clary. It is a tough decision. No I wouldn't make it a practice but do it once in a while. I'm not sure about how what my deciding factor will be though, maybe a coin toss LOL.
I don't think only bloggers are reading the blogs, or at least I don't want to believe it's true. If I get one new person reading my blog because of a contest or giveaway, then it's a really good thing. I think blog contests are a way to draw people in so it's a benefit for both sides. You are trying to draw people in and they are trying to find places to enter contests. If they become a regular, that's just a bonus. If they direct their friends to your blog because they entered a contest and liked what they saw, that's even better. You probably know who your loyal readers are and just maybe they'll win the contest and they'll be happy too.
it depends on what your goals are. if you simply want readership, then who cares who wins. not everyone who reads blogs has a blog.
Thank you Rachel and Diana! That's a very good way of looking at contests and bloggers vs. non-bloggers. I've never considered the fact that non-bloggers read blogs too. My bad.
I don't think that an exclusive contest is a good idea. People can *read* your blog regardless of whether or not they are blog authors or not. I think readership is good no matter what, so I wouldn't set those limits.

Whether anyone comes back or not, kind of depends on if your blog fits what they like to read. You could do a bonus entry for subscribing if you want to build up your following.
I don't know, sometimes non-bloggers are blog readers but they don't blog. I know I use to read blogs before I started my own! Maybe offer it to the people who are already subscribed to your RSS or email newsletter?
I agree with Lori that sometimes it might be ok. I like my non blogger readers and many are loyal. I wouldn't want to shun them. but you might encourage them to try blogging if you held a blogger only contest now and then!

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