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Okay, I admit in my everyday life I swear like a truck-driver. I know that because I worked in the world of trafficking and they really do swear--a lot. Even though my language is salty, I do not curse on my blog. I may do a "damn" or "hell" but never anything more than that. The Queen of the "F" word during the day is Miss Prim and Proper on the blog. And I find I really don't like reading it on others. Do you curse on your blog? Are you turned off by off-color language in the blogs you read?

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I cuss like a truckdriver at home - when needed :) (as long as my son isn't around). But I don't do it on my blog. I don't mind seeing it on other blogs if it isn't constant.
If I said no, someone would immediately bust me on a post last week with "homework hell" in the title. Could I get away with claiming it was a geographic reference, not an oath?

I'm pretty much in the same place you are, Lin. I will sub in "freaking" for the other F word once in a while, but I do that in real life, too. Particularly since the guys came along.
I write pretty much exactly as I speak, so my one blog, which is a letter to my son, has very little cursing (I think I used the f-bomb once). My other blog is more stream-of-consciousness so there's more swearing in it, but not a whole ton. I don't mind it on other blogs as long as there's a reason for it, or the blogger is writing 'with voice' (ie you can pretty much hear them talking like that, and it's in character). When it's thrown in for no good reason, especially with younger bloggers, it just sounds awkward.
I can't even remember if I have ever cursed in my blog...that's kind of scary! I do curse sometimes when I'm talking, I don't do it that often because somebody told me I look ugly when I swear...go figure! haha ;)
I don't curse a lot in real life so I don't feel the need to curse on my blog. I tend not to enjoy blogs that are littered with profanity. cursing can be used to make a point and in good taste...that's about it.
I don't curse on my blog but that doesn't stop me from reading blogs that have curse words in them. It doesn't turn me off at all.
I dash a few here and a few there, but nothing dramatic. For some of my posts, it adds to the humor. I only do it if it's for "funny" purposes. I think my readers would be turned off it I cursed like a sailor. Likewise, I tend not to read blogs that go "crazy" with the use of profanity.
I don't ever type anything on my blog that I wouldn't want my mother or my boss to read.
I don't swear on my blog. It doesn't offend me when bloggers do it though I think they are just words. Besides my Mother reads my blog!
I've been known to spew forth an expletive or two or hundred in real life, but on my blog, I don't swear too much and the few times I do, it's pretty tame and integral to the story.

I can't stand gratuitous cursing on a blog, where someone is swearing just for shock value.
Sometimes I do but when I do I try to tone it down by using symbols instead of typing out the whole word. I'm not sure why that makes me feel better but it does.

In my first blog I typed exactly how I spoke and that included many ef's (see how I tone it down a bit). That blog had heavy traffic and I made some really great friends there. My new blog is a bit cleaner because I have a baby girl who could very well one day read my blog.
No I don't but I don't curse in real life either. I usually won't continue reading a blog that is just littered with it, now a few here and there I may overlook.


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