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I wish someone would come over and get rid of the dust bunnies for me, but alas no they are mine to chase around. However, I aim to start my fall house cleaning soon and was curious if anyone still did it. I can remember spring and fall being very busy in our house.

I need a tip on curtains. It is very expensive to have my living room curtains dry cleaned. The instructions on them do say the can be machine washed, but I'm not sure if I can trust it, I don't want to have to buy new ones.

Any help would be appreciated!

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so funny that your question at the bottom is about curtains because this past Sunday i took most of mine down to be washed! I cannot take credit for cleaning them, as my grandma does it for me- she likes to help out like that. And honestly, if she didn't do it...they would probably never get washed! lol! anyways, you can wash them in the washer no problem...or even soak them in your tub. As long as you iron them well, they will always come out great.
I am one of those old-fashioned "Spring" cleaners. Every spring, I wash down every single wall in my house, hand wash the wood doors, trim, doors, etc. and clean all the bedding, drapes, dust ruffles, etc. Guess who has a small house?! It drives my husband nuts, but I love the cleanliness when I'm done. It usually takes us a few weekends to do it all, but it is worth it. At least I know it is really, really clean once a year! I'm a clean nut anyway, my house is usually immaculate, but I have to say my husband and kids help keep it that way.

You can wash the drapes if the tag says so. If you are in doubt, wash them on delicate in cold with a gentle soap and hang dry. Happy cleaning!!!
I'm in the midst of it as we speak. Taking a break!
I wish someone would come over and get rid of everything that's left to do!!!
As far as the curtains... I always wash mine. I have to also iron them, though, which is a little bit of a pain. I would say that if the instructions say you can wash them, then you should be able to safely do so. But most likely you will have to dust out your little friend the iron and give them a once over.
Good luck with the cleaning, I am right now pulling the blades out of the ceiling fans and wash them off!
My hubby was so good at cleaning out ceiling fans over the weekend. Those things can get really dusty, it actually yucky. With the Texas heat, we have to have them running all the time.

As far as curtains, the only one we have is in the bedroom but the rest of are blinds. So lots of work on dusting them. Anyway, I have my bedroom curtains dry cleaned too. My machine is too small and I'm afraid it'll get ripped.
I do a lot of cleaning in the fall before all the Christmas decorations go up. I have some curtains that are dry-clean only, but the washable ones I take to a laundromat, where the machines are a lot bigger than mine.

The irony of so much cleaning before Christmas, is that after Christmas the house needs a good clean for all the needles and glitter and whatever that gets everywhere.
we do fall and spring cleaning. this past weekend i vacumed the walls and celings (gotta get rd of those cob webs ;))
i say wash the curtains on delicate. that's what we do. they air dry in the drier.
I usually do my deep clean before it's time to put up my Christmas decorations. That's just because I am lazy. I need the 12' ladder to put up my decorations and I need the 12' ladder to get to those places (fans, high window ledges, etc.) So, The week before Thanksgiving, my house will be given a total one-over.

I machine wash EVERYTHING. My washer has a special "handwash only" selection. I say, if the label says it's okay, than it's okay. Wash it in cold and probably air dry. LOW spin. Iron if needed. Good luck.


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