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Do you blog for profit, are you promoting your produt or store, or are you just blogging for fun?

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When I first started blogging, I had no idea what a blog was. When I received my first monetary offer, I dismissed it as spam until a trusted friend told me it was the real deal. I love blogging. It is a life saver for me. I've met some great people and I've made some great connections too!
I blog for fun and promotion but more for fun. there's something a little strange about opening up to total strangers but since I like meeting people, it's worth it.
Just for fun. I started my blog as an actual journal (like, with a cover that you write in with a pen...I know, so retro) to my son and switched to blogging when I realized that a) other people wanted to know how his life was going and I'm too lazy to email them all and b) I sit at the computer WAY more than I sit down with a pen in my hand. Ads don't really 'fit' on that blog (there are a couple google adsense ads but that's it).
The other blog, maybe, if the right opportunities came along.
I blog for fun. But I'd be lying if I said I never dream that one day, I'll be "discovered" and thereafter can blog for profit!

Blogging is a great creative outlet for me ... I love to write and tell stories and it gives me a total thrill that people actually enjoy what I write. And I've "met" so many people that I otherwise would never know - that's a huge factor for why I blog.
I started for fun. Now that I realize the potential it would be great to make it profitable as well. I love the people I have met both online and in real life that I never would have connected with otherwise. Sometimes it feels like a full time job but it's worth it!
I started for fun but now its money money money..
Have around 40-60 vistiors per day...Initially it was social networking, bookmarking sites, link exchanges etc but I realize that it actually takes time before u start earning revenue so while googling I came across this new site called and booked a $15 button on it. Its a one time charge and u get adspace for 3 years..Don't think it shud hurt much.. Also I went thru the interview of the website creator on sum forum and my o my... quite impressed with his plans.. can't recall the link of that forum but if u type in google news, u'll find his interview or some Press releases..

I started with the idea for profit but it has become for promotion of my company. I never thought it would be this much FUN!!!!
Since I do not work outside of the home, blogging has become an outlet for me...So really I just blog for fun and the bonus is meeting other bloggers and forming awesome online friendships! :)
Fun mostly now- I would love to make funds- but does not allow ads:) I love meeting new moms and sharing insight
Its mostly fun.. but it feels gud to earn sum while relaxing at home... its like u dont have to ask ur husband for ur pocket money.. u're pretty self dependent.. so why not monetize ur blog.. what say?
Fun. I've got a couple ads on my blog but I view the random small checks they generate as presents from the universe. Mostly I just enjoy writing and reading other people's blogs, getting to know people.
I would have to say a little bit of all three. I have several blogs and blog at them for different reasons.


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