Can one of you smart bloggin' Mamas please explain how RSS feeds work? I've been hearing a lot about them lately (in reference to my blog) but I haven't quite figured out what they are.

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RSS means really simple syndication, although I've also seen it mean rich site summary.

Basically, you can make your blog available for syndication. Meaning, anyone can pick it up and feed it to another site.

For instance, I use RSS for my favorite blogs and put them all on one Google page. Every morning, I can see the new posts on all the blogs I read on one page.

On "My Page" on this site, you can feed your blog to that page using the RSS button/field, and then we can all read your blog right here.

That was supposed to be a simple explanation, it sounds complicated....
I've never been able to get this to work...can anyone help? I'm copying the site feed url from my blogger page...and pasting it into the box...ummmmm
Let's see if I can remember how I did it...

On my Mom Blogger page, there was a box toward the bottom on the left for my blog. I believe there was a little RSS button (or was it an "Edit" button?) that I clicked and was able to add the feed url. I could be wrong. My memory is not what is used to be.
That's what I've done and i think it is the way my feed is burned or just doesn't work...i've searched help on blogger and tried changing the url, but i must have it wrong. the one that pops up on my site feed in blogger doesn't work...i'm at a loss...i need a real guru to help me!!!
Hey there Linney, if you're still looking for a guru, I think Amanda below may be your girl. Her post on RSS feeds is packed with tips.
Holy smokes, Liz!!! You're telling me I can have my new blog posts show up here at MBC automatically? AND I can put all my favorite blogs onto one Google page so I don't have to spend the whole day surfing around to each one individually? I'm not making the most of this whole feed thing at all! That is a HUGE benefit. I can not believe I haven't been taking advantage of this.

Thank you so much!

This isn't over though. I'm off to do some research and to play around with my "My Page" settings, but I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. As you can probably tell, I'm not the most technologically-advanced person.
Ok, I'm back. I've figured out how to get my blog to feed here to MBC, and I've also figured out how to get my favorite blogs to feed right to my Google page!

Thanks so much Liz, I'm officially enlightened! If you get the urge to bestow any more of your blogging wisdom upon me, feel free.

And if anyone else has any other tips, please do share.
I just figured it all out myself, and yes, my google page and my yahoo page are full of them....
I have a separate Yahoo page just for blogs... it's overflowing! LOL I spend more time reading blogs everyday than I do anything else (and I do mean ANYthing else!).
Hi Mommy B, Sounds like you got the hang of it already, but I wrote a post back in November outlining the steps to subscribe to RSS feeds. Here is a link to my post titled, "What the heck is RSS"

Good job setting up your Google Reader! I find that I subscribe to many, I can't keep up! :)

This post is great, Amanda...with graphics and the whole shebang! Thanks so much for sharing!
Yay! I am so glad you checked it out and it helped you! :) RSS is one of those things that you hear about, but you don't know what it is. I actually had to have my husband explain it to me first. It is sort of like Twitter. I just recently figured that out! I still get confused with Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc.

Thanks again for checking out my post on RSS!



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