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OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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My blog is entitled Let Susan Fobes Be Your Guide (http://susanchapmanfobes.blogspot.com), and I started it as a means of giving advice about family issues -something I know a little about(vacations, entertainment)-and as a means of getting back into writing again. I am a teacher, so I was able to start my blog this summer and post almost every day, but lately I haven't added anything new due to some time constraints and confusion about what to write about next. (I want to post about issues that might help others and that requires a bit more thought...)

So far I have had four followers and a couple comments, but I am confused as to how to attract attention to my blog. I just recently started reading and commenting on other blog sites that I found interesting.
Hey, my blog is www.savvymoxie.com

I have a few reasons I started it. One is that it seems everyone is on such a tight budget these days, trying to save money, make extra money and get out of debt. I think that I (along with my husband) have found pretty good ways to do all of these things and remain debt free. I wanted to share some of what I've learned and what we do.

In addition, I am a writer (by profession) and have been entertaing family/friends with humorous stories via email for years. They encouraged me to do something more with my writing - so my blog was created.

I write posts Monday through Friday.

Hope you check it out!
My blog is at http://mommygaga.blogspot.com

Mommygaga is a fun mommy blog that features work at home tips, freebies, reviews, giveaways, and lots of other fun stuff. I started it earlier in 2009 to complement my work at home site, www.mommygaga.net, and it has grown quite a bit. I have many visitors from all over who are interested in working at home, need a review of a product by a real mom, or want to enter to win a giveaway! Everyone loves free stuff! I usually post 3-4 times a week.

I am PR friendly and I take any pitch you throw at me. I love to review new products and host giveaways! Come by and check it out.

Here's my blog info:

My blog is: Mom's Fortress of Solitude

Here is my third person description (I normally don't blog like this, though . . . it's an industry thing.) ;o)

Angela McCoy is a freelance writer/editor, military wife and work at home mom (WAHM) to four boys with special needs. Her writing encompasses a myriad of topics -- Autism, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Cystinosis, Fanconi's Syndrome, kidney transplant, and more -- influenced by her two teenagers and seven-year-old twins.

She considers writing to be therapeutic and utilizes her skills to counsel and inspire her readers. Angela is a quick-witted, 'no holds barred,' tell it like it is' humorist who has learned that laughter truly is the best antidote to life's adversities.
Hi Ladies -

I'm a twenty-five year old Mom, Wife, Friend, Sister, Daughter - and the list goes on and on. Blogging is my own little journal to this crazy life of mine!

My husband is a Police Officer. With his schedule, sometimes I feel like a single Mom! But I wouldn't change it for anything. He works hard, and because of this I am able to stay home with our one year old son - and my Aunt who is blind. ( I inherited her when my Mom passed away! )

I write everyday - it varies from what my son has done that day, if I made something good to eat, how crazy I might be going in that moment, blah blah! Like I said - I love it, and I love that I have connected to the Mommy Bloggers Club!

Feel Free to comment - I'd love to connect with you =)



We write about everything geek/urban related, kind of a spin on pop culture. We typically write 20-30 posts per week.

Yes, we have tons of visitors, over 4k uniques daily.
Hi guys,

I'm a mom, a business owner, and a lover of life. My passions include my family, different kinds of cuisine, travel, and personal excellence. Right now, I blog about places I've been to and latest food discoveries but I would like to write soon my thoughts on personal development and excellence and living an organized life. My blog is http://livingtogetherblog.com -- it would be great if you could follow me. I'll surely return the favor. Thanks!

Hi! my name is Sarah and I have a lifestyle blog about me being a stay at home mom. I document all the lovely little things that happen on a daily basis. I update my blog at least 3 times a week. Most of my readers are other bloggers in the community. I love meeting new bloggers so stop by and say hi!

- Sarah

Hi My name is Priya. I have a parenting and childcare website http://www.shishuworld.com/.

Shishu in Hindi means baby, so it literally means "World of Baby". I have a 1 year old daughter and this website is a means to help all parents and parents-to-be with taking care of their newborn babies.

I update it regularly and popular sections of my site include Baby, Expecting, Recipe Corner.

I love cooking and here I give simple homemade recipes for babies and kids. http://www.shishuworld.com/index.php/recipe-corner

These recipes are for kids but are delicious enough to be devoured by adults as well. All the photos are my own.

We also have sections for baby games and useful tools like BMI calculator and Baby resource locator which allows you to find all baby need in your vicinity.


We also have fun section like a cartoon series Shishudays and our original picture books, rhymes and stories.

Hi there! My name is Lisa. I'm a foodie who loves to cook, especially baby food! Check out my healthy recipes for baby at


I'm VERY new to blogging, but so far I love it! I love finding new blogs to follow and I also love feedback on my own. I started my blog in January 2012 so it's just starting to take off! I hope to hear some feedback on my posts. I usually post 1-2 recipes, and 1 blog a week.


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