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OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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I'm from Malaysia and the name of my blog is "OF MICE AND raMEN". The url is I try to write a post every other day whenever I find time while juggling domestic chores. None of my family or friends knows the existence of my blog except my sister 'cos blogging is the only way I can express my thoughts and cyberfriends are always non-judgemental. I don't blog about anything specific, just about anything and everything under the sun because it's kind of a therapy for me.
My blog is I created the blog because I was always searching the internet for places to bring my 2yr old son with a short review on what to expect once we got there. I never found a site, so I created my own. We live in New Hampshire, so my site lists places to explore with children in New England. It has been a blast!
My blog is Green Gigs, Green Gigs lists telecommuting/freelance jobs that are home-based. I started the blog because I am a SAHM and freelancer myself with a background in environmental science - I didn't see anything else on the web offering this service, so I thought I would give it a try.

I post new jobs listings each business day, and sometime a random post here and there as well - typically 5-7 posts/week.

Green Gigs is only 2 months old, so I've grown from 1 site visitor (my husband!) to about 30-40 unique users a day - more during the peak days Tu-Thurs, and fewer on the weekend.

My site is I just started blogging recently, and want to create a place for moms who've had cancer to meet, relate to others in their situation, and connect. Since I'm new, I don't have much traffic at all, but I hope that improves with time and more inspiration.

What a great topic thread! It's easier to find blogs you like this way. Thanks!
The Orange Slice!

Not really any visitors yet that I know of because it is new, but we're learning how we're going to handle our first newborn and become a family and stay sane at the same time.
We'll see how it goes!
Hey there! I blog about life, basically as I see it, at I have three kids, so they're featured a lot, and I've been told I can be a little too honest sometimes. :)
I write about 5 posts a week, but nothing usually on the weekends. I get about 65-70 visitors a day, and would love to have more!

I began my blog two years ago when we moved from Los Angeles to Littleton, CO. I wanted to keep family and friends in CA updated on what was going on with us, but after the discovery that my own mother doesn't read my blog, it's evolved into more general anecdotes and musings -- mostly about the kids but I occasionally attempt to broaden my horizons. I try to write a few times a week when I can stay awake that long. I haven't gotten many visitors outside of family & friends, but would love to!
I am a foodie blogger who blogs about amazing cakes.
I blog about it because I am a aspiring baker.
I have 300 people through a foodie website who visit my blog....and 4 subscribers. No family subscribers but they do read it.
If you want to see some extraordinary cakes stop by....These are not mine by the way but cakes that inspire me!
My personal blog- iamharriet, is a blog that I do mostly for my own mind. I use it as a tool to learn how to express myself better and or course, for therapy.

I contribute to several more serious blogs as well.

For my personal blog, I post at least once per day.
I am into networking which is where a lot of my visitors come from.
thanks :)
I wanted to share all the fun activities that I do with my daughter everday... err... or almost everyday. The blog is still new so do check it out and let me know your feedback.
Hi ladies! I am so excited to have found this blog through The Cool Mom Holiday Guide.

My name is Liz, I am a wedding coordinator in San Jose, CA. I am also a mom to a 3 year old girl and 11 month old boy!

My blog is Bay Area Wedding, Event & Party Planners

My gimmick: Going through the alphabet A to Z, each week, I feature two local wedding vendors, or businesses that somehow relate to the wedding and party planning industry. This has been very well received by my peers thus far, and I do not think I will ever run into "writer's block", using this format.

If you are in the biz, or are a bride and/or groom looking for unique party planning ideas, stop by! I also write tidbits from my own life, mostly focusing on neat party ideas (For instance two of my first articles were how to host a fondue party and how to host a neighborhood soup party)

As far as visitors: I am working on that! I need some! The blog is so new- I have not quite mastered that task yet!!! Any tips???
Here is my blog

My blog is just a ramble of things. My boys, life, TV, my hobbies, scrapbooking, photos. You never know what I'll be feeling that week.
I try to post 3 times a week. Sometimes more. But I have gone months without posting too. :(

I don't know who looks at my blog. Some friends I've met online read it, and I know only because they leave comments.


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