OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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My primary blog is: AprilsLittleFamily

* I write about my life and my kids
* I post an average of four times per week
* I get between 50-100 visitors a day, with about 70 subscribers through reader and blogger follower
* I blog for myself and am glad other people enjoy reading :-)

My secondary blog is MamaLovesFood

* I write about the food I cook and provide easy to make recipes
* I post 2-4 times a week
* I get between 15-35 visitors a day with about 20 subscribers through reader and blogger follower
* I love food, and am having fun making an online cookbook via blogging!
My blog is brand new, and I'm finding it hard to commit too.

I posted this message in another area, about my 14 year old website.

Trying to stay relevant in an every changing environment is constant challenge.

My site Single Rose went live in 1995. It was born out of my personal situation as a young, new mom with two small children, with a husband that abandoned us. He announced he was in love with another woman. And here I was with a newborn and a 3 year old. Anyway....searching to connect with other women who could relate to my situation; the only thing online around that time was AOL's MomsOnline and they catered to, what I felt like at that time, were pampered, married moms. In my situation where I was the sole bread winner and bottle washer etc etc that information was of no help (and a little frustrating) to me.

Anyway the site exploded and has more than 25K registered members. The crown jewel of the site, I always thought was the Mom of the Week feature. [Also the Angels Christmas Program & that's another story] But with blogging growing in popularity, the bulletin boards area of Single Rose is more like a ghost town, with rarely a new post daily.

So in an effort to keep my top google ranking and the Mom of the Week feature, we've got a couple of different things going on.

1) We're giving away a $100 gift certificate, in order to try and keep our Mom of the Week feature going. Anybody who enters their "mom story" and photo between now and Feb 14, 2009 will automatically be entered into a drawing for the $100 gift cert.

2) We've added a new forums area, very much like this one here (ning), where members can upload photos, videos, create a personal blog and lots more.

3) We wrapped our Angel Christmas program in December, but have left the "adoption" portion of the site open. If you'd like to adopt a Single Mom family, click here.

We do have a site redesign on the horizon, but I'm not sure when it will launch.
Hi, my blog home is and I post up deals that I think
are pretty cool. I too get random visitors. I'm not a blog pro..but I am still learning alot.

I also just branched out from a couponing group in Salt Lake and created another
couponing group in Portland, OR called, Cents-Able Shoppers PDX Network. We have
quite a bit of newbies on there so feel free to stop by to visit & join. The group is still in it's infancy
and shares deals for Washington and Oregon.

My name is Rhonda and I am completely new to blogging.

Here is my blog site:

I love to cook, I'm a mom of two girls (an almost 14 year old and a 3 year old) and not sure where my blog is headed! I have not shared my blog with family yet because I feel like I'd rather get feedback from complete strangers for some reason!

I'm an electronic and kitchen gadget junkie as well :(
Hi Deb - Here's my info!

Daily Momma Report -

* Why you chose that topic to blog about - Mine covers pretty much everything. Obviously I couldn't decide on a single topic. I write about family life, movies, tv, music, shopping, everything!
* How many posts you write a week - I usually update every day.
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends) - yes, I had another blog that I am trying to move certain posts over from - not having much luck - this is a new look, new blog but I have been blogging for a while.
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog - I think I covered everything - check it out! :)
My main blog is at: is chock full of fun projects, ideas to bring the creative spirit into your home, links to neat stuff on the web, and ways to make daily life with your children more enjoyable!

and my new venture is at:;you'll find loads of thrifty, crafty, fun ideas, yummy, practical recipes, tips on the lost art of homemaking, and stories about how we bring it all together.

I started Kiddio because I'm the crafty mother of three creative kids and I wanted to share that love of all things creative with others. I write around 4 posts per week (give or take), and average around 400-600 visitors per day. I'm up around 1100 subscribers. It's such fun, I hope you'll stop in!

House+made grew out of a desire I have to reclaim some of myself and share my thoughts and ideas rather than just being mommymommymommy all of the time. It's been up for about a week and I'm getting around 200 visitors per day and approaching 100 subscribers.
-I do mostly reviews but love posting about my lil man too!
-yes, lots
-I do mom reviews.....makeups, diaper bags, strollers, everything a mom could need! I have lots of contests too!
Hi, I'm Chryssy. I blog about a variety of things including, reviews, games, how-to's, etc. I also have a free PLUGBOARD, so if you have an 88 x 31, just come by and plug your site!

Drachma-Girl's Blog -

I blog approx. 2 - 3 times a week, depending on content (and time!), but I do keep up with my blog and I ping it and bookmark it in Reddit, Digg it, Delicious, and Technorati!

If you do have a blogspot blog, please follow me & I'll follow you back! :)

Many thanks!
Hi Deb,

I'm Lisa. I'm a freelance writer, humor blogger and fairly new to the blogging world. Lisa Kogan and the late Irma Bombeck are my muses. My blog centers on the myriad ways the people in my life embarrass, annoy, infuriate and amuse me. No matter what is happening, economic crisis and all, there is always something to laugh about.

I write about one post a week, have almost 2,000 visitors to my blog, and hope you'll be the next one. My blog's name is Lisa Wants The Floor and the url is:

Thank you for asking!

My blog's name is godsgiftmylife
I am blogging about my life experiences, past, present
I do get some visitors but not that many
Hi Deb!!!

My blog is Happy Meals and Happy Hour.."just another chardonnay-swiggin' beta mom livin' the dream".

If I've already replied to this post, it's because I lose brain cells on a fairly regular basis.

I blog about just about anything that I find my life I can usually write about something every other day.

I have around 820 subscribers, 250 "followers" and around 500 random visits a day.

When I'm not writing, I'm planning what to do with all the money my blogging makes. Like getting the Gordita instead of a plain taco.
So I technically have like 5 blogs! I know I am addicted. My main family blog though is Just a day with the fam... and the url is

The others you can find through my profile. Except for my review blog. But it's not ready for visitors yet!


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