What To Know About Using A Rideshare Service with Kids

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However, if you have any travel plans coming up, you will more than likely use a…

The 4 Most-Often Overlooked Aspects of Starting a Business from Home

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OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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Scary Azeri mom in English suburb!
Why this topic...because culture clash+married life can be hilarious.
from two to three posts a week
yes! it has been good.
I think it helps me practice writing, I really want to do it for living one day. I also sketch my own sketches. It has been very exciting. I love the fact I can introduce my place of birth to people who never heard of it. It is a funny place.
I have a new blog called Motivated Mama

* Why you chose that topic to blog about

I love reading personal development and organizational websites and I think a lot of the content is relevant to my "job" as a mom. I want to try and write content that merges the two worlds.

* How many posts you write a week

I plan to write 5 quality posts/week, with maybe a few extra short ones

* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends) It is a very new site, so I am working on that.
My Healthy Lifestyles blog is at I usually write 2-3 posts per week, sometimes I post recipes and other times I share my thoughts on various topics related to healthy living.

I chose to start writing because I have a story to tell and I hope it can help others. On November 11, 2008, I had the scare of my life -- thought I was having a stroke. Turns out it was not a stroke, but that event was my wakeup call -- on that day I promised myself I would change my life and build a healthier me. I had been studying exercise and nutrition for years but had never applied any of the things I learned. After losing 30 pounds and getting my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar under control, I am ready to share how I've achieved success in the hopes that my ideas can help others get healthy.

I do get visitors to my site, although it is still very new and I don't have lots of traffic. The comments I've received so far have been very encouraging.

Nothing else to say really, except that I hope you'll stop by, leave a comment or two, and maybe subscribe.
I'm nora from

I post during the week, but I am "off" on the weekend. However, once in a while I do overtime.

I just started my blog about a month ago in response to my facebook status updates. I have a facebook group called A Hot Mama with over 500 members. I live in Los Angeles and write about my life in LA raising 2 boys. To me, being a Hot Mama is being "smart, stylish, and strong" while raising kids and has nothing to do with physical appearance. I look forward to sharing and meeting everyone.
My name is Donna and I started Frugal Donna a little over a month ago.
I blog about coupons, freebies, saving money! I have been on a mission since early this year to find ways to save money and I am blogging about it along the way. Also, I like to write about my adventures in making some money as well. I try to post something daily. Stop by...I love hearing from everyone!

Things in to in Burlington County, NJ
I was lax for awhile, but I hope to now get at least one post a week in.
No because it was dead for awhile.
Check it out, especially if you live in the area.
My blog is The Beet Goes On: A Peri-menopausal American Housewife's Life and T...

Usually I write about anything I think my family and friends at home will get a kick out of. Most of the time it is "Expat Weirdness" . . . by which I mean Something I saw Today That You Won't See in Peoria. But sometimes it is Fellow Moms and Grandparents Will Get a Kick Outta This!

So, as a result, the number of entries I post weekly varies widely: sometimes I write every day. Sometimes days go by. I try not to post more than once a day, even if I have more than one story to tell. I try not to make the entries too, too long. And I try to pace them so people have a reason to come back.

I have been getting between 100 and 200 hits a day. Can't all be my friends/family.

I'm probably a bit edgier in style than a lot of other Mom Bloggers. I hope so, anyhow.

I blog a few times a week, I'd like to have something fresh daily, but most days I'm just DONE at the end of the day.

I blog about things that I thing are funny, random thoughts, things the kids say, and I promote and describe my business:
Hi there!

My blog is: I named it Attic Girl because I co-own an eBay store called Donny Dixon's Attic with my hubby. I'm a WAHM of an almost 10 year old boy, a persnickety cat and a pampered pooch.

I blog about lots of things; great books I read, family friendly t.v. shows & movies, giveaways, and sometimes just random Plinky thoughts.

I usually write every 2-3 days. I have a few visitors so far that are not family or friends but am looking to find more followers. I am a newbie to the blogging arena as I only started blogging in February.
Hello, I am bran-spanking new to this whole blogging world, but LOVE what it brings. I actually have 2 blogs:

My 1st blog is Gobs of Giveaways

I really love giveaways and product reviews. Telling everyone what I think of a product and give people the whereabouts to find great giveaways is wonderful!

I try to do a "Featured Giveaway" everyday, but with 2 little ones, it's not that easy:)

I would love for you to come and take a peek...I think that I am finally done editing all my information but if you come back in a couple of days and it is totally changed...don't be surprised:) I know just enough HTML to be dangerous and hopefully I won't mess things up too bad:)

My 2nd blog is Midwest Creations

This was created as a blog to my site Midwest Creations. It is a way to show people exactly what I have been up to and what I am capable of making.

I try to blog at least once a week, but sometimes I don't have anything made or any orders.

I can't wait to get this journey started ~ Kirsten
Hi Kristen, I love your Gobs of Giveaway blog. I wish I had come across that when I was giving away 30 days of free ad/widget placement... Nice to meet you and welcome to Mom Bloggers Clubm.
Im a newbie! really excited about my new blog and cant wait to get some traffic!

I chose this blog because its a combination of my 2 loves. Kids and Education! :)


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