OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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I have one blog that are featured on the other one. I put the published paid articles in One is called second home for Angga ( it's a blog that shares my riffs on everything from my son.

I try to write every week for improve my english, thx.
My blog is

This site was originally created for family and friends that live in other states. I started couponing and my sister would call and I would break down my list for her so she can go and get the deals. The list grew as she told the rest of the family so I decided to do a blog and have everyone go there and I would be able to save my voice Lol. I think everyone can benefit from this site because it can save you a ton of money.

I do several post a day and whatever deals I can find that I think will benefit people are the post that get put up.
I have a bunch of blogs LOL

Lemonade Mama - My personal blog. I blog about all sorts of stuff here. Reviews, giveaways, gardening, the kid, relationship, health, just whatever is on my mind. It evolved from a previous blog Living on (Less Than) a Dime in which I discussed my struggle to get out of poverty, something that is ongoing. This one I average about 75 to 100 unique visitors a day.

Fat Girl Gets Fit - My weight loss blog. It's all about what I'm doing to try to lose 100 pounds. This one I get around 50 unique visitors a day.

BioZing - This is a blog that I've just taken over. It's about going green to save money. I just took this one over, so I'm just in the process of determining a direction and everything for it!
What a great thread!
Mine is
King Max Cried "Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!"
I'm not on a schedule for writing. Sometimes nothing fun happens or inspires me and sometimes I write everyday. I am new to Mommy Blogging but my other blog was a snark blog about celebrities and I had a big following on that one for a while but life got in the way and I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to that or just write about my life now vs what it was before.
I write about my baby, obviously, and giving up an actors life in LA for a suburban life in DC and all the stuff that happened in the middle. I'm totally obsessed with my baby, and everyday he sparks memories and stories and so I try to weave those in with what he's up too.
I do get visitors to my blog, mostly from here! Other than friends and family.
My site is called Parenting by Google and I chose that name simply because I use google A LOT! I use it to look up concerns that I have or developmental milestones, etc etc etc. My blog is a humorous (hopefully) look at life with a baby. A particular, high-needs baby. Whom I love.

I write 5-6 posts most weeks.

I've just started getting the word out about my blog, so far I have over a dozen followers and several people that I know that come back regularly.

While I love that I have a few people that read what I write, I really just LOVE writing. I feel like with this blog and with writing about being a mom, I've finally found my writing niche. I just wish it would pay the bills, too. But, for now, no ads, just writing.
My blog is Send Chocolate ( "Slightly dark, a little bit nutty, cheaper than candy...and half as sweet."

I blog about life with children with autism, a geeky husband (also my tech support.) Homeschooling, but not the kitty-sweatshirt, Keds-wearing type...

Information about autism, homeschooling and Sarcasm is a bonus. Snark is an add-on, but offer is subject to change depending upon your attitude. (or mine) A hidden gem you just haven't found yet.

I write on average 6 times a week. And I have a strong following, through my fan Facebook page, RSS and blog followings on various social networks. To date, I have had over 80,000 visitors.

I really am passionate about autism and helping other parents dealing with it. I also run Autism Sucks, a blog for all those intimately dealing with autism who want to write about it.

I also write on the Internet about autism. At TypeAMom I am Special Needs Parenting editor. And at I am LA Special Needs Kids Examiner.

And finally, you can find me on twitter at @sendchocolate

Life=comedy material.

Thanks for asking.

Just joined yesterday... and I'm having fun here!!

My blog is called Peanut's Page. It can be found at

I write almost daily, and have between 50 and 100 daily visitors. I'm working to increase that number currently... and I'm learning a lot in the process!! Two product reviews (one with a giveaway) are in the works, and I know I've got some *stuff* to do before I post those reviews. I need a disclaimer, etc.

Oh! and topics include... our baby, our life, couponing, shopping, photography... a little bit of everything!
Hi there!

My blog is and I write about my life as a mom (to Baby Bee) and, well, anything else that I can possibly think of. Recent posts have included my first bikini wax experience, going to the butt doctor and meeting Jason Mesnick from the Bachelor.

I try to write every weekday but on a bad week, I might write only twice or so. I LOOOVE stalking my readers and I surprisingly have more than my family and friends reading my POS blog ;)

I also have a self-diagnosed case of Tourette's, so my blog isn't for the faint of heart. But if you're willing to try it, I guarantee* that you'll love it.

*no guarantees.
I started a "blog" type discussion at because I really want to share my successes as well as my failures of the last 20+ years as we've managed to survive raising three girls. I try to add at least one post per week and right now I'm getting about 18 hits each week. Hopefully, I can inspire some moms (and dads) to get through the next 15-20 years as they raise great kids into terrific adults.
I was hoping to expose my blog to other writers
Between 3 to 5 post depending on my day job and how often I can get to my blog
We average 3000 new visitors a month and one month had many more use entre cards although lately have lost new readers don't know why.
I'm a grandma and great grandma love being involved with my daughter and seven grandchildren ages 6 to 27 we are close love spending time together. I'm 63 in July just battled Ovarian Cancer surgery Jan 08 chemo lost my hair etc. had breast cancer in 05 and wonder how much longer I'll have to share my passion writing with the hope others will benefit from my mistakes and ramblings. My wish to make grandma's be more involved with the family as we have much to offer and I'm the ambassador to share my thoughts hoping other grandmothers will do the same instead of quietly dreaming of how they would like to be more involved with their families. Thanks for listening...Dorothy from grammology
Hey ladies. Just starting out. I just did my first post tonight.

My blog isn't fancy yet. I am using this blog really for my own personal therapy, an outlet to vent or boast at the end of the day.

How do you guys get your blogs to look so pretty with interesting graphics in your title? I am pretty computer savy but new to blogging. I looked at most the blogs you all posted and I am impressed! I have alot of work to do!
Hi! My blog is and is named for my son's obsession that "goat crud" was going to ruin his field tripto the farm. He learned so much about strawberries that he forgot about the goat crud. Do you know there are over 200 seeds in a strawberrry? Exciting stuff! This blog is generally a continuation of our site. Now that my daughter is (God willing) done with her 4 1/2 years of chemotherapy and radiation, it is time to move on! I hope to share our daily struggles with a special needs child, a recovering cancer kid and a super dramatic middle schooler!
I hope to blog daily. Like most of us here, I believe it to be a form of therapy! i also am hoping against hope to build my readership and learn how to at least make it pay for itself. That is the difference between this venture and the caringbridge site.
Thanks everyone!!! And feel free to follow meon Twitter and my blog!!! I will return the favor.




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