Is Gambling a Man's Thing? We Dare to Disagree

To be a professional gambler, you need to be a man - at least this is what many media outlets and society as a whole are trying to tell us. Of course, men are seen as being risk-takers but this doesn't necessarily translate into them being the only gender to enjoy playing casino games. Stats show that as many women enjoy a few spins on a Royal Vegas slot machine than…



OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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Hi all;

I am a newbie blogger... Well, I started a few years ago, and posted something but now I am doing it regurlarly, about 5 times a week. I started my blog because I always shared information with my friends about my mommy and life experience and in order to have it in one place, I started my blog. It is named From Mom To Mom. I talk about nearly everything around me. I love aromatherapy, being organized, my family finances, Robert's ups and downs, my experience being a grad student and a mom. EVERYTHING...
So, come stop by. Subscribe to my feeds if you like it. Follow if you like too. All of them if you want! lol
I started doing it for fun, but I realized I can make some extra money with it... but yet, I am new and I don't have as much followers as I would like.

Please stop by and let me know if you like my blog. If you think I can be better at something, let me know too! :)
Hi, my name is Yonca. My blog is (recipes).
I love cooking also love sharing, trying new recipes.I write whenever I'm in mood.
It is very exited to meet new people,to get new friends and read different blogs.
Thanks for this discussion as gave me a chance to introduce myself and to meet a lot of bloggers.
Hope I have half your visitors one day! Let us know when you move! I am a follower now... :) Love the style of your webpage... I will lurk around to get to know it! :D
Hi, my URL is My blog is about how life changes--completely--after becoming a parent. I have a one- and two-year-old, and motherhood did not come easy at first (still challenging, but mostly fun at this point). I post about 6 times a week, and about half of my readers are friends and family--the rest I've met through networking online. My slogan for the blog is that readers will laugh, they'll cringe, and they'll probably relate. Thanks in advance for stopping by to check it out! I look forward to visiting your sites as well.

My name is Yusi. I am a newbie in internet marketing. My first English blog is

Then I learn wordpress blog and I choose domain name That is not mean that I like playing video games. Honestly I haven't played wii until now :). I choose that topic because research told that nintendo wii is booming. Unfortunately I have make mistakes that make uncle Google angry and sent my blog to sandbox, so there is no visitor from Google anymore. I hope uncle Google don't angry with my blog again...

My other blog is about health, skin care, and weight lost. I choose this topic because I am a woman :)

Thanks a lot
The Redhead Riter

* Why you chose that topic to blog about----I write about everything because I can't decide if I want to narrow down to one thing or not. I just started blogging about a month ago.
* How many posts you write a week---at least one posting every day
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)----sure and they say the nicest things! i visit their blogs and find out that they are also the nicest people!
* Any other info you wish to share about your is interesting and has great pics LOL
I spent hours going through hundreds of blogs...some good, some not as good, but all interesting. That is how I found this forum through a button on one of those blogs. So I have joined the clubs that I found interesting and that fit me. I joined Twitter yesterday. That's fun. My blog has something for everyone...old, young, men and women. I'm an eclectic person with talents and interests that are vastly different from each other in some cases, so I think that makes me very well rounded. Plus, I've always been told that I'm an "old soul" way beyond my years. I think it is because I listen and take people's advice to heart so that I don't have to make so many big blunders. Thanks for asking!
Hello there! Nice to meet you.
I have a website It is about my life raising five kids. i just started my blog and there's no better way to start one then to come right out the gate very open and honest. My FIRST post is called from FIVE to FOUR: Giving up my teen terror for her own good. It is a very honest piece I wrote about the problems I was having with my teen. I finally gave her to her dad who lives in Virginia. I plan on writing three to 4 posts a week. (This is my first week) Most people who have visited (more than 200 in a matter of 2 days) have not been family. I twitter a lot and I'm on facebook a lot. So it has been from the people I chat with. I look forward to following your blog and I hope you enjoy mine.
The Cincomom
I just started a new blog called UnProcess Me and it is a 30 day experiment where I eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and no processed foods. I am tracking what I eat, the calories consumed, etc. It is the exact opposite of SuperSize Me for those of you who have seen this movie!!! June 1st was my first day and I can't wait to see what kind of results I can get....come check it out!!!

Samantha - Tanya

I write on my blog at least 4 times a week

I'm not getting great numbers to my blog but I am now working on it.

My blog is mostly about me venting but I am not angry. I am just using the space as if I am thrashing it out with a good friend who cannot talk back and doesn't get tired of me telling them how tired I am and how useless my husband can be. Not really, but sometimes......
I chose to write about women, mothers, being superwomen, because we just don't stop. I wonder why we don't all look so damned incredible with all the physical work we do each day. Our arms and legs are constantly being worked out. Oh that's right because we are so tired. Check out the sight for more.
Hi Lori
I just checked out your blog. Cool,I like the layout. You have done so much with your blog already and you have hits. Great. I have been blogging for about 6 weeks and desperately want my number of hits to go up. Did you get most of your viewers from this great site? Please, check out my site when you have time
Tanya Brown
Kia, I just checked out your fab looking website. I love it. I really need to step it up on my blog. You get so many visitors. Good for you. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Kate, like your blog site. You are a great mom. I am in awe of anyone who has been blogging for a period of time as well as having three children to look after. I have two one 2.5 years old - the boy and the other almost 11 months - the girl. If you get a chance come check out my site

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