OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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- Motherhood blog, specifically about life with three kids. We are two sister who both have three and since it's all we ever talk about anyway we decided to start writing about it too

- Daily posts: we alternate days

- We're getting some traffic to the site without too much trying so far, and we hope to find some time to widen that soon, but with three kids....time is hard to come by
My blog is called "A Party of Six" It's about my family which consists of mom and dad, daughter and three sons. I cover everything from the ups and downs to the funny and sad. I try and write a post everyday or at least every couple of days. I do get visitors, some family and other mommy bloggers. Would love to have more followers!!
Can't remember if I even responded to this one so you'll have to excuse me if i did already. Just trying to get the word out there!
My blog is about random thoughts and insights I have during the day. Kinda a blend of ALOT of the typical mess in my head. I hear voices (character voices, I am a writer) in my head ALL the time, and sometimes I just have to get the thoughts out on my blog. Also occasionally when I think my readers need alittle eye candy I will be posting yummy pictures of good looking men.
I do get visitors to my blog and the more the merrier I ALWAYS say! I write at least one post a day. Sometimes more. Today was more, but I promise it will be entertaining and delightful! :)
Here is a link of my baby blog. . .
My totally AWESOME BLOG!
Just started really blogging since Jan 2009. (Trying to figure out the dang html code for a 3 column blog. GRRRRR. Not working so far.
I finally got the hang of it. I asked one of my blogger friends who is also html savvy to help me. Now come take a look at my blog. I like it alot better. More professional looking I think.
One Cluttered Brain Makeover blog
Hi I'm Megan and my blog is at

I blog about my son typically but some of it is working through the loss of my twins at 19 wks gestation the year before I had our son. So it's a happy and sad blog.

Typically I do a few posts a week and then get busy and forget for a couple weeks.

I'm pretty sure only my family and friends visit but would love more!
Hi there, my name is Shannon and my site is

I write about 3-5 posts a day, featuring good deals for Moms and women in general.
I have about 300 -500 readers on a given day and am working diligently to increase that traffic.

Nice to meet all of you.

I used to blog at binkiesnboogers.wordpress but shifted to my new domain!

Traffic getting high and i got my first advertiser so decided it was time to move.

Still mainly an outlet for prevention of insanity though!
I'm a grandmother and great grandmother and it's my greatest accomplishment and I'm hoping to share my wit and experience in life bringing grandmother back to families for whatever support they can be.

I write 3 to 5 post a week I work days selling commercial real estate and I hope to someday just be able to write as besides my family and friends it is my passion.

Yes we do over 3000 new visitors per month although last month we were down and don't know why we are changing our site freshening it up new color avatar (with my chemo hair doo..grey and short) and hope that helps.

Yes I'm all over the map with my posts because I want to be a grandmother who is also wife, mother friend, sibling grandmother and great grandmother who at 63 in July treasure and wants to live life and while doing so has much to say share and express. Grams should be the safe harbor in all families and this is my job to make that known everywhere.

Thanks so much for asking...your the light in my day today for just listening or is it reading..oh whatever.
Hi i'm new here so hoping to meet new friends and great blogs! My blog is all about baby and toddlers sales, deals, coupons, freebies(all) sample sales reviews and giveaways! I'm quite a fanatic about kids stuff. I love it and i have a 2 year old and 6 year old so how fun to have a blog on kids stuff! I write at least 1 post a day but usually around 3 a day. I have quite a bit a visitors already but want more. I have started doing reviews and giveaways and loving every minute of this!
Hi, my name is Lucy and my blog is I blog about my journey of illness since delivering my first son four years ago. I have had no luck with doctors, just a few improvements. I wanted to create a community of women that could share health stories and different things they have tried that have helped their bodies. I will also be blogging about happier topics too. I am guest blogging right now at on Sundays.

I have 14 posts so far and blog everyday. I signed up for Google Analytics and have been gettting 1 to 3 new visitors a day. Nice to meet you and I have already read a great article from your site.


My blog is It's a blog dedicated to helping mom's saving money and live a little more frugally.

I chose this topic because I am an under-employed recruiter, and needed to find ways to cut back on my expenses.

I probably post about 30-40 posts per week on various things such as grocery deals, freebies, printable coupons, samples, etc. I will be adding a feature soon on frugal recipes as well.

My blog is relatively new, but I'm getting quite a few hits. Saving money is always popular.

I am working diligently to network with other moms and other frugal bloggers. My family never visits my blog.
My blog is and it's called Mission Mommy...naturally! :)

I love a great deal. I try my best to keep up to date on coupons, freebies, samples. I also write product reviews, and run giveaways. I have one going right now that will end Tuesday for a must have parent organizer-every home should have one!

I typically get around 3,000 hits a month, with almost 80 followers...Trying my darndest to get over the 100 mark! My page rank is 2...hopefully it'll get to a 3 soon!

I also write a little about my family...with pics and goings was my baby girl's birthday party yesterday! She turns 2 on the 14th.

I'm currently looking for products to review/giveaway, link exchanges, comments.




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