Tips to Prevent Getting an Infectious Disease While on Vacation

Dr. Brent W. Laartz thought he was in for the ride of his lifetime when he set out on a horseback riding excursion in Costa Rica.

Admittedly younger and more naïve than he is today, Laartz – an infectious disease specialist and author of the book How to Avoid Contagious Diseases…


OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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Hi. My blog is Renaissance Culinaire.

I blog mostly about food related topics - recipes / cookbook reviews / baking theory & chemistry / food photography. With the occasional literary review, or poetry or some techy / geek related info.

This is my passion, and something i went to school for. I think about culinary constantly. It is the one area of my life that has remained constant, even after having 2 kids.

I am trying to post atleast 3 posts a week --- I made a commitment to myself, to post even more. But with kids etc....

Yes I receive quite a bit of traffic. When I first started blogging, I didn't interact with the blogosphere - outside of my readers who commented etc. But overtime I have learned that fellow bloggers - especially those in your same niche are very vital to your blog, and it makes you a better blogger when you forge friendships with people who are just as passionate. Not push for a link, etc. But actually get to know people and their story. People are interesting.

SO if anyone wants to , please visit and comment on something that appeals to you. I look forward to chatting more on MBC.

My blog is at, and it is all about high-end maternity fashion. I am a bit of a fashion fanatic and I started it as a hobby while I was pregnant with my twins. It's doing well, attracting about 2500 unique visitors a month. I am able to write 2-3 times each week now that I am a mom to three boys under the age of 18 months. Come visit!
My name is Margie Gunn and I recently started a blog as a mommy and to help my stay-at-home business. My blog is called Gunning It - Not a slow day yet...

I write about mothering, business, and try to let people know about some favorite giveaways.
I typically post about 5 times a week - depending on how I feel considering I am 30 weeks pregnant and have a 2.5 year old :-)
I do get visitors to my blog especially when I do wordless weds. but I would love to get more!!!!
My business is called Chesapeake Ribbons - classic handmade ribbon accessories for the entire family...with a cause! Please come check out my site -
My blog is LammyAnnLife, and I've been blogging for over 3 years... it started as a way to keep my family up to date with pictures and photos of my family as we've lived so far away from our extended families... I found it theraputic and used it for travel log, homeschool research/share, and real life experiences. It's a great way to remember the humor in raising kids, especially teenagers.
I write approximately 4 posts a week... some weeks less and some weeks more.
I get quite a few hits per day, but only about 3-4 comments per post.
I visited your blog and tried leaving a comment but good old Blogger would not let me. Your post "Out rageous" was very interesting.
Heaven knows I am new to blogging, too, but I think you will be able to upload photos if you simply save whatever photo you want to your desktop or your My Pictures file, and then Browse to that when you are prompted to do so -- i.e., when you click the image icon in the toolbar where you are writing your text. I'll enjoy visiting your blog again soon.
I've been blogging for three years now and run my blog, Scribbit, as an online magazine with a regular publishing schedule posting recipes, tips, crafts, reviews and product giveaways. I'll also throw in stories of life and travel here in Alaska, writing contests, interviews with other bloggers and commentaries on parenting issues.
Brittany, very funny stuff! Loved it! =)
Hello! Here is my blog and it is just about mothering and my everyday life! I am new to blogging (I only have one so far) but I plan on doing one a week. I would like to get into writing more and this is my start. I have had a couple of visitors but I have not spread the word at all yet. I would welcome anyone to look at it ;)
My first blog is about Momnesia.
I am BRAND new to this blogging thing so this is the link to my attempt!

Well I've been trying to do one post a day since I started it but with 3 kids we know that can be a little tough. I'm pretty sure I don't get any visitors, I've only barely told my husband that I've started this. I'm still getting the hang of this and I'm trying to learn as I go.
Rawk, thanks Deb! I'm kinda a nut, but thanks for stopping by ;)
Love your site, and you got to meet BOSSY! Kewl!
Hi everyone!
My name is Diana and I started just a few days ago. I own an Organic Baby Clothing e-boutique, have two babies, love good and healthy food, and when time allows I like to meet other moms. Currently I'm staying home with my youngest child, who keeps me pretty busy. I'm taking baby steps with this blog, but the idea is to share and provide good information to soon to be moms, who are considering water births and who want to raise their children the organic way. I had two wonderful water births and I want to share my experiences with other women in the hopes of easing fears and facilitating information. I also want to attract other moms of young children to my blog and share tips on how to "survive" the early years with our babies and our demanding schedules. Babies are truly a blessing, but a little help on how to save time, buy the best baby products, make the fastest and tastiest recipies is welcome any time!
So...if any of you feel like starting a new topic go ahead! I personally will be adding two of my favorite soup recipies soon: a gourmet balsamic tomato soup to die for and a curried pumpkin soup that is sure to please the most refined palate. And they are both made in no time with the help of my secret kitchen gadget. So don't miss it!

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