OK, I don't have time to go through each member's profile, so I'm going with the easy way. Respond to this discussion with your blog URL and the name. Can you also include:

* Why you chose that topic to blog about
* How many posts you write a week
* Do you get visitors to your blog (besides family and friends)
* Any other info you wish to share about your blog

Thanks! - Deb

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I am soo.. brand new... I am blogging about my crazy life as a working mother.. I hope to share ideas sories tricks and tips I am learning... thanx.. i am working on following everyone...almost there..thanks for all your support so far....Natalee
Hi! My name is Jacqui. My blog is at http://singlemamachallenges.blogspot.com/. I chose this topic because I am a single mother to a child with ADHD. I am doing more with my blog and plan to update a minimum of three times a week. I just started marketing my blog and have had my most traffic in the last few days.

My blog is not specific to raising my child. It is also going to be about my life in general. Hopes, dreams, plans and goals. Most likely even just random vents :)

I look forward to reading other blogs from here! Feel free to stop by my site and follow along with my journey :)

My name is Emily and I have an almost 2 year old son named Silas.

My blog is http://www.booknboob.com/blog

I chose this name because I fell in love with "reading while feeding". I started the blog because I inspired by my transition to motherhood. So, of course, I am passionate about books and writing and momming.

When I'm working full time,sometimes there are gaps between my posts. When I am home, I try to write at least 2-3 times a week. Lately, I've been writing almost everyday.

I have few visitors to my blog... at least for right now. :)

If you check me out, I hope you enjoy.
Great discussion..hello everyone, i'm a newbie to blogging and to NBC too.

my blog is A fabulous mother's world at http://sunosphere.blogspot.com

I am a young wife and mother of two toddlers born ayear apart. I started blogging to stay sane - literally. My blog is a lighthearted (and sometimes, not so lighthearted) take on life, family and politics of this developing country who i live and love.
Pink Koala

I chose to blog about my life, interests and my journeys through entrepreneurship.
I write 2-4 posts a week, at the least one.
I don't get many visitors maybe one or two. I am still working on it and I've really only begun after stopping for awhile.

I'm a wife and mother that started a blog to chronicle a new business it's since morphed into chronicles of life as a new mom, wife, and aspiring business owner. I wear many fashionable hats and I'm sure to touch on all of them at some point in time.
Im a 25 year old SAHM to 3 amazing children. I chose to write about my everyday life and all other topics that come up that interest me. Just started my blog 3 weeks ago so I am still in the process of adding more stuff, so please keep checking back and join my blog. I have gotten 393 visitors to my blog since starting. Any tips, suggestions, and advice would be greatly appreciated...pass the link on :)


I started blogging in June 2009, so I am a total neophyte. I blog about organic food, organic gardening and green living (with some parenting thrown in!). I chose the topic because I've become increasingly interested in it since having kids. I want their diet and environment to be the healthiest possible.

I post almost every day, sometimes a few times a day. I get anywhere from 20-50 visits/day, but I'm trying to ramp that up. I also just started an all-green social network on Ning at http://www.TwitterGreen.net. I'd love to develop a green "hub" to unite everyone with any sort of green interest. As the network's name might suggest, I tweet a bit, too, @EcoMeg.

Thanks for reading!

Hi - My blog started off as a way to share pictures without sending emails. Now it's an outlet to share stories with the pictures as well as web tips to help fellow bloggers manuever through HTML coding. I blog at least three times a week and get quite a bit of regular traffic as a result.

Please stop by and become a follower. I'm happy to return the favor.


Hey Deb! Thanks for starting this great group! my blog is NW Physique Blog which is all about women's nutrition, fitness, pre and postnatal exercise, etc. Feel free to check it out any time!

I have a new blog called Lana Lulu Creations at http://lanalulucreations.blogspot.com/. It is bascially a place where I showcase what I have created. Lately I have been learning to sew so I have been posting lots of girly outfits I made for my one year old daughter.

I write about 1-3 times a week.

I get random visitors.

Hopefully soon I would like to start giving away stuff that I have created.
New place to share your blog and meet other women: http://womensphysique.ning.com/
Hi! Great topic! I've been wondering this myself.

*My blog is: fistfullofdandelions.blogspot.com

* It is about a little bit of everything: recipes, how to's, travel tips and sample itineraries, deals, coupons, sales, saving tips, and just random chit chat about whatever is on my mind.

* I love doing research (weird, huh?) and I love helping people out. If one person finds my blog helpful, then it is worth it.

* I try to post everyday, some days, I feel uninspired and don't post anything, and other days, I a couple of times in the day. I am a working mom, so I usually post in the evenings--it helps me unwind after my son is in bed.

* I get about 15 visitors to my blog a day. Not too many of them are family and friends...my family isn't to supportive of my blogging. I definitely want to grow my readership, get more followers and hear back from my readers. Any suggestions on how to do that?

Blessings on your journey!




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