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Hybrid Mom is offering one mom the opportunity to work with a nationally recognized dinner planning service and then blog about making delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals for your family for an entire week.

If chosen, not only will you get fantastic ideas for family meals, you'll also be compensated for your time because Hybrid Mom understands how valuable a mom's time really is.

Interested? Tell us why you'd be the perfect mom to blog about getting dinner on the table for a week after getting professional meal ideas and tips.

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I think this would be perfect for me (and my family would probably think so to...). I work part time, teach part time & my 2 darling children are in sports and dance...My husband works a million (yes, a miliion) hours every week, so the cooking, cleaning, running, jumping falls to me. It's important to me to put a healthy, home cooked dinner on the table every (almost every) night. So I have fallen into an easy pattern...I make the same things every week. I have never been an inventive chef...but I sure can follow a recipe... It's easy to buy the same thing at the grocery store, and prepare meals that I can make with ease...A few weeks ago I tried a shrimp & angel hair pasta recipe and my kids actually applauded...(ok, so they didn't applaud...but they were really excited)...Anyway, I'd love to try new things, learn new recipes & best of all...get to blog about them...
I think I'd be perfect for this. I'm a mom to 5 kids, ages 6 to almost 6 months, I work part time from home and do 99% of the cooking around here. I like to cook, but often find myself in a rut cooking the same old things and getting tired of it. For the most part, my kids like a wide variety of things, but I do have one very picky eater. I'd love to find new things that she likes. My husband is a real "meat and potatoes" type. Sometimes it's hard to try and make everyone happy. And dinnertime is inevitably the hardest time of day. Trying to prepare a meal while helping with homework, playing with the kids, and more often than not, the baby needs my attention. I'd love any kind of ideas or tips!
With three kids ages 4 and under, I'm constantly doing something with food! Whether it's making them something healthy and fresh almost every two hours (including meals and snacks) to thinking of menus and shopping for ingredients every few days, you can say food is always on my mind.

My husband and I have a philosophy that our kids should eat what we eat - and special "kids meals" of frozen chicken nuggets with fries is not an option for our everyday lives. Our children are not deprived of fun foods because birthday parties happen and we have pizza night. I try to get them involved in the meal - from setting the table to adding simple ingredients or even just describing to them what I'm doing. Food is an important part of our children's development, and even at the young age of 2 my daughter understands that eating vegetables and fruits gives her vitamins that help her body grow. Our dinner conversation at some point migrates towards what benefit they are getting from the food on their plate.

During my (haha) free time, I write a blog for dishes that I create in my kitchen. I find it to be a great outlet for the ideas that build in my head during the day.

It's no secret that happy children are well fed and rested. It's our job as parents to make sure we give them the fuel to get through their day and the education to take them through life as healthy adults.
This would be perfect for me because I have 3 children aged 3-9 and work part-time as a freelance photographer. I am the one who mainly cooks the dinners and find the children getting bored with the regular meals I prepare. We have fallen into a same meal pattern, having the same meals every week. My husband is frustrated because he has a large taste palate. My oldest child suffers from cerebral palsy and much of my time is spent trying to fit in physical therapy and outdoor activities to promote physical fitness. I would love to learn how to make healthy meals as my oldest is also overweight and needs to eat healthier. The problem is the healthy food I currently make he does not find very tasty. I love blogging about new and interesting things and would love to blog about food...
I have been in a serious dinner rut lately...and sad to say but this could give me the motivation to get back to it in a real, practical and interesting way. I know it saves money and time to plan meals and make them at home but the motivation has been lacking. Between the school carpool, dance lessons and my two home-based businesses - it is so easy to fall into the rut of spaghetti or just baked chicken with a vegetable. I have bought so many cookbooks my husband had to do an intervention and I have subscribed to meal planning services before - what I need is something actually healthy, easy to alter (we have food allergies here) and of course YUMMY!!

I am a Hybrid mom, burning the candle at both ends - wiping noses, serving clients and grabbing a bite to eat in between. I'd love to share my candid and realistic experience with other moms out there.

Spring Hill, TN, USA
When I mention dinner, I either get an excited yell "Mac and Cheese" or a groan.."another new recipe"... I don't know what it is, but lately my new recipes seem to be greeted with lack luster enthusiasm. I really do try to offer healthy meals, but one trip to the grocery store leaves me stressed. I come prepared with a detailed list and only to find my two year old has found it in my purse and has given it to my one year old who is now eating the letters e e f s h. So, I resort to the mac and cheese and chicken nuggets that my two year old is begging for. There was a time (before kids) that I loved to cook and make creative meals. There was a time when I actually enjoyed my Williams and Sonoma cook book because the recipes were a challenge. Yeah... times have changed!

So please pick me! I need all of the tips and advice I can get. I love to blog, it helps me find the humor in the sometimes very mundane activities.
My name is Leah and I'm the publisher of Bookieboo, a social site for moms into fitness, weight loss and healthy living. I've lost over 100 lbs. since my son was born two years ago and I know alot about healthy meals. Not only is my voice valuable on this subject, but as a mom of a toddler, I know alot about how crazy things can get when planning and cooking meals. I hope you pick me, because lately planning out meals have been a little difficult. I've been in the development stage of planning another business and it's alot of work. This may be a godsend.
I would be a great mom to write this blog. Although I try, I've never been a great cook and I tend to make the same meals week after week. I make an effort to keep the meals healthy by always including vegetables and protein. However, I usually rely on steak, chicken, broocoli, corn, and asparagus. I could really use some new tips to help me create some new meals that are slightly less boring. Part of the problem is that I am pressed for time at dinner and grab for the old stand-bys rather than trying something different. For breakfast, my kids are about to turn into human pancake/waffles. Lunch has always been immensely challenging. It's my personal least favorite meal, and I struggle every day trying to think of something healthy to serve. As a daycare provider, it is particularly challenging because I am required to provide a variety of foods while meeting specific nutritional standards. This is not an easy feat considering that the kids only want to eat peanut butter.

I am perfect for this blog because I would genuinely appreciate any and all help in the kitchen.
I would love to be the Mom chosen. I have two kiddos, my youngest is six and in Kindergarten - she is very busy, involved in gymnastics and girl scouts. My oldest is eleven and is a special needs kiddo. I don't work because I spend a huge amount of time taking her to special therapies and tutoring, etc. I'm on the road an average of 450+ miles per week (which eats up a gigantic chunk of my days), not to mention that I'm either waiting during the times that she's actually in therapy or else I'm right in the trenches with her so I can go home an continue therapy during the rest of the week. I also go into her classroom three days a week to supplement instruction that the school cannot provide. Needless to say, I'm super busy and don't always have the time to make the kinds of meals that, not only would I like to provide for my family, but that my family wants (we have hot dogs or soup & sandwiches quite often...) Being chosen for this opportunity would be an awesome way to help me feed my family the way I would like to do, but just don't have the time to.

I would be a GREAT mom for this opportunity, because I am a new mother and new wife who truly appreciates the art of cooking. I am currently struggling to lose over 50 pounds of pregnancy weight. Cooking is a great passion of mine and I fear that as I diet I will have less time to prepare meals and less room for creativity in the kitchen. I would love to have tools that would help me to prepare nutritious and healthy meals that are delicious as well. I feel that my experience with this service could be beneficial not only to myself and my family, but also to many other moms who would read about my real life experiences with the help of a meal planning service.


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