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Have you ever sat at your computer only to have your brain fizzle? You stare at the screen but nothing comes to you.
Or you just edit yourself like crazy and find that there isn't anything left? 'Hey, what about that... no. Or that was funny... no. Maybe... no.'
Then you think of something you'd like to say about a recent situation, but maybe you shouldn't because you know that this person reads your blog and you might hurt their feelings.
Have you ever been "Blog Blocked"? If so, how did you get over it?

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YES! A few times a week. There are definite hot topics I try to avoid...family issues, medication, politics, religion...because I suck at debating, and don't want to publicly bash family if I feel hurt...but sometimes just doing a "run through" and reading the preview and NOT publishing it helps!

But I really do type, edit, type, edit, delete, type, delete, edit.....constantly!

Great topic!
I am always fighting a self imposed edit button of sorts. I usually type a post, save it, come back to it an hour later, freak out that it may need to be censored a bit..and after removing a few things, only to put them back, I push publish and run away so I don't go back and delete it. Also, I am a news hound, so besides home life, I scour the news, especially obscure items, for inspiration.
I frequently have brain fizzles...at and away from the computer! My problem is that I think too much about what I want to say and try and get it straight in my head when I really need to get it all down on paper then start editing.
Yes! I blog about food mainly, and you would think with all the cooking I've done over the years it would be easy for me to pull something from my brain and just write! I get blanks all the time. :P

To get over it, I get up and walk away. Fold laundry, wash dishes - anything to just clear my mind. I get my best writing ideas in the shower and in the car, so I'll try to jot down ideas as soon as they come to me. Then when I'm blocked, I just go to my notes and hope that something there will inspire me.
All the time. I am always sitting at my desk trying to figure out what I am going to write next. I hate it, but it goes with the territory I suppose.
I find that when I sit at the computer and think too much my brain freezes. What works best for me is to go away, do the dishes or vacuming and the thoughts and ideas start flowing. I quickly race back to the computer to get some words down, or jot them down in a notebook for later.
No. I am the dork that plans out her blogs before actually sitting down to write. I usually think about them in the shower, or while I am feeding my 6 month old. I also have a list of " deep things" I want to blog about, but always seem to just post things like my baby's milestones or what our family is up to.
I have gotten into the habit of using a calendar for my blogs and just writing out a one liner of what I want to post about. I am good at getting them down, but there is the one that will usually sneaks up on me that I write, erase, re-start and then forget about until next week.
I can definitely relate to being 'blog blocked'!! I have sat in front of a black screen on my laptop for many a hours, before finally deciding what to blog about. Since I mainly blog about health and nutrition, there is soooo much I can blog about but I have to narrow it down or it will look more like a text book instead of a blog:)
My mind is always going a mile a minute and my hubby is always telling me to take a 'break', but I am nutty and know that if I don't get it done right at that moment, I will forget:)
Yes all the time! I usually just quote a funny story or pick a photo and just tell the facts about it. That usually gets me out!
I try to always write a start on my calendar of what I plan to write that specific day, but one time I had terrible ‘blog block’ over none other than a post about procrastination. I literally knew what I wanted to say, but had so much trouble figuring out how to write it. Needless to say it took me almost 3 week to write a freaking post about procrastination. Thank goodness I was not on a deadline!
I enjoy hearing about how ya' all get over being "Blog Blocked". Good ideas.
(Keeping a journal... "Blournal". Blog notes..."Blotes". Nope, nothing sounds right. There's gotta be some fun name to give it!)


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