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10 Ways to Spend More Time in Nature

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Adorable flower girl dresses to choose from

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The tradition…

Mother's Day is around the corner, and to celebrate we're giving away stylish Cruzer Gator flash drives from SanDisk.

To win, leave a comment with your favorite

memory from Mother's Days past via photo, text (50 words max), or both.

Winners can preserve their latest Mother's Day memories on the Cruzer Gator flash drive for years to come.

Guess how many we're giving away? 20! So your chance of winning is very good.

We can't wait to read your submissions. Winners will be announced May 6, 2008.

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Susie with new baby Sophie on our 1st Mother's Day together
May 2005

After 11 years as a Mama (and so many sweet, happy Mother's Days), My favorite Mother's Day was probably 28 years ago. My youngest sister was born on Mother's Day and I still remember my Dad bringing me & my sister up to the hospital to see out newest sister and of course to wish our "Mommy" a happy Mother's Day! I remember climbing in her bed with flowers and homemade cards and just being so happy... We are still all very close and all live within 10 minutes of each other...we're all "Mamas" now and our Mommy is now "Mom-Mom"... And we still try to spend some part of Mother's Day weekend together... This picture shows our 3 generations of Moms & daughters... Happy Mother's all the Mom Bloggers out there!

My best Mother's Day was in 2003 when my son was almost 6months old. My grandmother was diagnosed with round two of breast cancer (she beat the first one in the late 80's) and had to move into the nursing home a couple months before. We lived a few hours away and couldn't get there to see her. Before I could call her to wish her a happy Mother's Day, she called me. She wanted to make sure my first Mother's Day was going to be a good one. She passed away that fall and every year since, I catch myself dialing her number on Mother's Day and her birthday. It's a shame she didn't get to meet her grandaughter but I know she's looking over us. I cherish everyday with my kids, even the horrible, no good, very bad ones. Happy Mother's Day to every mom out there!
My favorite Mother's Day has got to be the one right after my first child was born. I felt like a new member of a very exclusive club. I can't remember what we ate, or a gift or anything specific like that. I just remember thinking, "Oh, I get it now." I instantly understood my own mother more and knew why we celebrate motherhood. I can remember that feeling like it was just yesterday.

Mother's Day 2007.

I not only received a Canon XTi Rebel camera from my amazing husband - but he got us tickets to see the Rockies play! I am one spoiled Mom / Wife in the love that surrounds me. :)
I've had a lot of great Mother's Days, but one favorite was 2 years ago when my husband and the kids made me stay out of the garage and they built me a cedar bench for the garden. It's beautiful and they all helped!

My favorite mothers day was a few years ago. Hubby, I & our 2 daughters went to the park. The girls played, we walked the nature trail & the ice cream man even came through & we got ice cream!

It would be impossible for me to choose my favorite! Every Mother's Day reminds me of how blessed and lucky I am to have my girls, making it impossible to pick a favorite Mother's Day!

This picture was taken in 2003, after my last baby was born, and includes four generations- my children, myself, my mom and her mother. My children are among the few who have, much less actually KNOW, any great-grandparents. For this, I think my family is blessed.
My Mother's Days aren't anything EXTRA special, however, I consider everyday mother's day for me. My kids are great, my husband is awesome & handsome;), and love it when they need me for their everyday things!

My favorite mother's day was 2007. I was on bedrest with my son and my husband and 2 year old daughter cleaned up the house, got me my favorite flowers for next to my bed and made me dinner in bed! It was so nice to see them work together and so excited when they gave me the flowers and dinner. It just made me more excited to be a mom to another sweet pea!
We have always gone to the same restaurant every year for mother's day. And they always give out a carnation to all the moms. One of my favorite mother's day was my first, 6 years ago, when I finally got a carnation, too! And the experience of dining in a restaurant with a 2 month old!


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