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Blogging is better than.....

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Blogging is so SO much better than: hehitmenoididn'ti'mhungrybutihatethatstuffhemadepoopinhisdiaperiwantthatyouneverget

But its not better than my kids.

Hows that for contradictory?
Shopping! - Saves me gas.
than ripping my teens head off =) I would much rather rant about his antics there than in his face.

for me...blogging is better than cooking hi hi hi...
Talking on the phone!!
watching TV, and I love TV!
doing the million things around my house that I should be doing!!!
paying bills! LOL
talking to myself. And my toddler isn't much of a listener either. My dog though... he always looks interested.
listening to my husband snore in bed when he just layed his head down 2 minutes prior... I want to be able to turn the world off like that.


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