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Your kids accomplishments? Your cooking? Politics? How to cut your hair? How do you decide what to post?

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Everything and anything. I usually blog about my children and the life we lead around them. I'm a homeschooling mom with a spouse in the Army so there's a lot out there to blog about. I'm not a very good writer but with practice, I've noticed a marked improvement.
I've got two blogs that I'm currently working on - a food blog and a blog of activities and games for preschoolers. I definitely write more for my food blog than the other. I've gotten into the habit of photographing everything I make in my kitchen, whether I plan to blog about it or not. That way, I've always got photos on hand, and I can usually get inspired to write when I look at the pictures. I've even used a photo to write about a kitchen disaster I recently had (the photo spoke volumes, LOL!)

On my food blog I try to keep it just recipes, but I will occasionally throw a story or two in there to make it more personal.
On Mondays I blog about the previous days race (I'm a nascar fan) and Fridays are poetry day and the days in between I blog about recipes, the kids, the dogs, and daily life in general.
I usually blog about my Healthy Chocolates and the health benefits achieved with them. But I also started added other health related posts as well. Being a DC and a vegetarian, nutrition and health is very important to me and teaching others is a passion of mine as well:)
Dr. Daisy
Great answers! I usually blog about my baby and the goings-on of our little family. I WANT to blog about politics and random thoughts, but feel like those topics wouldn't be interesting to the 6 readers I have. I guess it is my blog, and I should get over it, and write about whatever I want to!! :)
It's funny, the most popular posts that I've ever had have been about politics and the news. Moms love reading opinions.
Lol! I want to blog about "important" things sometimes too....but I enjoy entertainment much more, so that's how I write, about what I'd want to read in another blog.
I like to blog about my experience as a stay home mom and entrepreneur. Managing both is extremely challenging. My devotion to my family and work my business around my family has many benefits. With little time , I've been able to brand my business on a national level and recognized as a business leader. Now I'm now also working as a consultant with the Institute for Women Entrepreneurs and offer free consultations to women . My experience is helping so many other women that have the same dreams.

As mothers, we learn how to multitask and we become real good at it. I'm proud of my accomplishments, this of course is due to having a loving husband that supports my passion. My children are benefiting from having mommy at home and learning about my business.

Nothing comes easy, it's our attitute and faith. My children inspired me to follow my dreams. So many wonderful things have resulted during the past 5 years. Now I'm working on writing a book about my experience.
My kids, my ministry, life, God's blessings, organizing.
Mostly I blog about my family and what we are up to. I am trying to lose weight so I do have a blog page for that too.
I have been going to a trainer to help me learn how to lose weight. Sad that I have to learn how to do it, but I have been adding twice a week to my blog about my training exp. Documenting it keeps me in line too, so I can stay on track.
I started out blogging about family general stuff on my personal blog and it grew a bit. It is still my personal blog, but I add a few funny things I read about and I add my training days to it so people can keep up with me and how much I hate :) exercise. I have added to my blogs though through the help of a network guy - knupnet. He handles the behind-the-scenes and I write for a parenting blog, an office blog, a home/family blog, and a gossip blog.


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