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With all the blogging talk about damaging our children by writing about them publicly, or even what we say about ourselves. I wondered what everyone thought was definately a NO-NO to discuss in your blog?

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On my personal blog, I do discuss my children, but it is usually general topics and I never use ther names. I use my own discreation when it comes to topics and I know how far I can push my readers. I think anyone that reads my blog knows that I am an open person and to expect a variety with me. Of course there are some words I won't use and I try to stay away from topics that are too narrow that debate will spark virtual 'fist fights', but I also blog on several other blogs that these type of topics might fit better.
I write alot about my kids- i now use the first letters of their names. I have only been blogging a short time so boundries are not quite there yet.
I "labeled" my children simply for blogging purposes so their names aren't posted. I think the biggest boundary I create for myself is breaking other's confidences. If I'm writing about a situation involving someone else, I'm careful not to give away someone else's secrets.
I use 'nicknames' for my kids, but I do publish photos. I know a few sites that conveniently show photos from behind or blur the faces.

I'm still new at this (2+ months).

I know also my oldest (9.5) likes to read my blog so I tend to stay away from blatant family arguments, the in-law issue, and sex posts.
You know, there are just some things I think are better kept between you and a good friend, husband, mentor, family, God.

I don't blog about anything that I would not want to be blogged about.
Kind of the golden rule.

I hate to say that the blog is all about what is good in your life, but I am sure my hubby would not want us to air out latest big disagreement or my daughter and her best friend having a fight - I can't see myself talking about that.

I never talk badly about someone elses blog or writing. I think if it is from their heart then it is important and we should be encouraging. Even if we disagree. And there are a lot I disagree with. Not here, of course! :)

I think there should be boundaries and those should be discussed with your family. What doesn't your family want the world to know?

I always ask permission for stories and photos of other people outside of my immediate family. I do that in sharing any story or photos anyway, so I would do it here, too.

I think it is just important to remember that blogging is as public as standing in front of people and speaking. We should be careful about what we say.

Now concerning me - well, it is my place to tell on myself. I need that accountabliity.

Great question, Jen!
Golden Rule, that's a great way to put it!

I often refer to my blog as my personal big girl's diary, but that's not even accurate since it is on the internet open to the public, so I *try* and be as careful as I can to not air too much dirty laundry in a blatant way.

I am enjoying the comments!
Here's my dilemma: NOTHING would be off-limits if I hadn't opened my big blabby Look At Me mouth when I started this thing and told my husband, my mom, my dad, my kids and women at my school. So, in answer to your question: anything overtly sexual (hi Mom & Dad) things that annoy me about my husband (hi sweetie) annoying school events or book clubs (hi Yvonne) tween angst (hi punkin') and so on. I'm an idiot.
I know EXACTLY how you feel Sue. How about innuendo? That's okay right? *crossing fingers*

BTW..I wish I could be half as funny as you!
Well I guess it has to be since all the people I mentioned know I'd bang Josh Holloway and Sportacus.
Anything that might hurt my relationship with someone is OFF limits. Anything but that I blog about:)
I heart Sportacus.
Politics, I hate Politics


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