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How many social communities (like Mom Bloggers Club) are you a part of? How many is too many?

I admit, I am involved in several. Well, not involved, but at least signed up with some sort of a profile. It never ends - I get an email asking me to join, I take a look and if it looks promising, I join. Then I find myself too busy to particpate, bored with what it is, or just plain forget I ever signed up. Then I ask myself - do I stay just for the exposure on the profile or delete my account? Thoughts anyone?

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I find that if I get too many then I don't actually participate very well. I actually go through stages of interest so I tend to go to a particular social network for a while, exhaust my time and energy there and move on. Last year before having my 2nd baby I was heavily involved in RYZE, to the point where I feel I outgrew it. Now, I am actively apart of This group, Pink Collar Club, and I just started my own network, Organized Life by Design.
I guess, technically, I belong to seven but I'm only active in the groups that are all (or mostly) women/moms. The men on some sites are over zealous in inviting to be "friends" or "linked" and they kind of scared me off. (I'm not afraid of men, I'm just leary of their motives) I'm new here but it's seems very relaxed and inviting.
I'm most active in Moms United in Business, Pink Collar Club, facebook and I'm new to Twitter.
I'm definitely drawn to the mom groups and food groups, so I tend to join if they look interesting or if I think I can get some exposure by being involved. So far there are only two sites (this being one) that I would consider myself an active participant of. The others don't offer much in terms of a community. And besides, how active can you really be on more than a few sites and still find time to blog and read other blogs? It can all get very time consuming. But I like to come to the communities when I've got writer's block or I'm just plain fried on blogging - it's a good way to unwind and recharge the batteries.
I have become very active here simply because I enjoy the atmosphere. I am involved in Twitter, but mostly just reading and commenting on other blogs. I'm am apart Cafemom and own two groups there, but really no one particpates in either one so I feel like I am waisting time. When I join somplace I want it to be very active because I want community, advice, and to offer advice too.

Never heard of Pink Collar Club. Anyone want to shed some light on that one.
Hmmm, I am a part of alot of different groups, Ryze, Facebook, Linkedin, myspace, MUIB, Mom Masterminds, yahoo homeschool groups and of course pink collar club, twitter, organized life by design and this one:)
I am a social butterfly and have met many wonderful people in the groups that I am involved in:) I was a part of some other mom groups, but they were really chatty and never really were productive so I don't participate much in them....
I love my new blog and have been concentrating heavily on it and I love the groups on Ning:)
This is the only club I'm involved in. I signed up last October but never participated until last month. I wish I had gotten more involved earlier because I've "met" several newfound friends here.
I have found this club to be my most active and I think that has a lot to do with the people here. Other clubs I am a part of the members really don't particpate and I feel like I am waisting my time.
I belong to only 3 social networking sites, counting this one. But, I also belong to a couple of Virtual Assistant forums that take up time, too, but they are educational for my Virtual Assistant business. I find, as do many other moms according to the comments, that if I get involved in too many, I can't keep up with them all.
I've been having a hard time keeping up with my forums lately due to reading all 100+ blogs in my bloglines.

I belong two 2 great playgroup types, 2 wonderful design sites, and now here and Cre8buzz and I can maybe get to one or 2 a day and post minimum messages. I don't have photoshop time for my design sites anymore either.

It's such a difficult thing to spread the love in such short amounts of free time during the day!
Good gosh - 100+ blogs! I don't even try to attempt to keep up with that many blogs. I keep to Mom Bloggers a lot simply because it is the most active. I am part of Cre8buzz too, but I just gon't particpate there much. I will stop by once and a while just to keep up but no more than once a week. I am also part of CafeMom and own two groups there, but honestly no one responds or adds anything to the groups so I feel like am wasting time going there.
I'm still trying to figure out the rating system on Cre8buzz...not that i care about my numbers.....it seems so competitive for no real reason KWIM? Anyhoo.

I don't read the paper anymore and rarely watch a.m. t.v so my day starts with fun blogs to read and only about 25% post at most each day so I don't read 100 at a time (thank god!).

There is one other forum that I'm on that doesn't have too much traffic so i think i'm giving that one up.

Well, we're glad all of you are here. You make the Mom Bloggers Club a fun place to be. So, thank you very much for that.

About Cre8buzz...I used to be there, but it was such a waste because I could never figure out the purpose of the rating system and there wasn't a clear way to communicate with other moms. I know there are some very active moms there, but it's really hard to get in there and start making connections -- at least that's what I brought away from it.


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