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Mine is

Do those of y'all who use Twitter find it beneficial? Or is it annoying to see when everyone is having breakfast...lunch...dinner?
I've never used it for business purposes, sure I mention if I'm offering a VA special or something like that but that was not the reason behind joining Twitter. It's always been a personal thing - just for fun type thing.

Oh back to your questions...LOL. I can say that it has been beneficial in driving traffic to my blog and even my VA website.

It doesn't annoy me when people Twitter about breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. That's the personal level that I like - it makes me feel connected to my friends. Maybe I'm just weird.
hey Lisa, I hesitated starting on twitter because of just the reason you mentioned above or that I wouldn't have anything 'catchy' to post. But I actually like the little quips from people. You can learn more from someone's nothing sometimes (boy, is that confusing). But I am really new (newborn baby peach fuzz kinda new), so I might change my mind after awhile :-)
Hi! I am on Twitter. I love to get the messages of people who like the same things you do.
Mine is
My twitter url is See ya there!
Oh and my Twitter URL is
I'm - it's definately more of a social thing, but you get to know your blogging friends on a more "day to day" basis.
Hi Everyone:)

Here's my link: My Twitter Link

Come and follow:)


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