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5 top tips for boosting your income

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Here are 5 top…

Different Styles And Types Of Furniture To Try For Your Home

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Fun Repurposing Projects for Those Old Blinds

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Since we are a group of mom bloggers, I was wondering how many blogs do you each have?? Just one? Two or more? Are they business related, or personal? Just wondering?

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I only currently focus on 1 blog, I find it keeps me busy enough as it is. :)

I used to have a personal blog that was on the cusp of taking off, but several things happened in my life that made me decide to put that one on hiatus.

I'm going to reopen that one soon, so when that happens I will have two blogs. But for now, I'm really focusing on growing my main blog.

I can't imagine how some of you with more than 2 or 3 blogs keep up with them! It makes my head spin. :)
I have one personal blog, But now I think I need to create a new Top Secret version that no one in my life knows about because I have so many great post ideas that would end my marriage/cut ties with my in-laws/get me kicked out of book club/alienate my kids. Maybe I'll just post them here. :)
A secret version. Hmm. Well that would be my personal blog now. No one in my family knows that I have that blog because I did it just so I could vent, and talk about what I wanted. If my family read some of it I would have no family left.
First - My main blog where I talk about my family, kids, etc.
Second - Since BlogherAds has restrictions on the value of items you receive and discuss on your blog, I needed to have a page without the ads for all those fun things. The ladies at BlogHer recommended I just start a new one... so that's what I just did. Started for doing reviews, giveaways and word-of-mouth marketing (like Houseparty and BzzAgent). Plus, it keeps my main blog focused.

My main one: SAHM Ramblings
My brand-spanking new one: SAHM Reviews
only one now, used to have more, but merged them all into one at
Let's see... I have my personal blog, The Brunette Blog, then I have a few other blogs that I co-started and write for, The Parent Spot - dying for some help on this one, Simple Home Basics, and The Office Gal. I do have another that is basically just a gossip blog that someone else owns, I just blog - VIP Gossip. Once a month, I contribute to Pajama Mommy and I just was accepted to blog for Deep South Moms Blog, part of the SV Moms Blog network.

Now of course I don't post on these everyday. My personal one I do try to post everyday. VIP is everyday, Simple Home Basics - most is written in advance and scheduled, same with Office Gal. The Parent Shot I would like updated daily, but it doesn't happen. Both Simple Home Basics and The Parent Spot I would love to find help on but not many people want to blog for free and I don't blame them. So I keep trudging along.
I have two. One is my personal blog and one is my business blog. I've actually pretty much neglected my business blog except for a CBC (cross blog conversation) that I am doing with another Virtual Assistant. I don't plan on adding much content to that blog until I finish getting my website fixed up and presentable, I don't want a lot of people going to the blog, because it's part of the website - it's done in WordPress, until I have my website up to par and presentable.

My personal one is Tishia Lee: Adventures of a Single WAHM
I have three, all personal! I had one to begin with,and I neglected it for a long time. Only recently did I really get into it. Then one became two became three! It tires me out but I love it :)
I have two personal blogs, contribute to three collaborative blogs and write for pay for two corporate blogs.

Yes, I am a crazy person.

My personal ones are SoCal Mom and Socal Stuff (review blog).

The collaborative ones are the 50-Something Moms blog, the MOMocrats and the soon-to-be-launched Los Angeles Moms blog (which is looking for more writers, in case anyone here lives in the area and is interested).
Mercy, I have four. One is just pictures of wine labels. One is my main blog, on wine and what I am learning about it. One is for book reviews which I used to publish in the local paper, until they had to drop me for budget reasons. And the fourth is the one that makes me cringe, because it's for other writing that has been politely rejected by nice editors in New York. In some sort of karma-istic way, t's all good, I hope. =D
Just one:

and I can barely keep up with that!
Holy Cow - some of you are blogging maniacs!! Really, I have a seriously hard time keeping up with just the one - which is all about my personal thoughts on pretty much everything and anything that happens in life - nothing is exempt. You can find me at


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