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* Copy of the new DVD





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I've heard a lot of positive things about this DVD and would love to share it with my little one. And the GC would be a godsend too in this economy :) Count me in!
We still love VeggieTales in our house even though my kids are getting older. ":)
I'm entering! My 3 year old has almost all the Vegetales. She's a vegefreak! And I love that she loves them.
Please enter me! We love Veggie Tales!
We love Veggie Tales! Even my 11 year old will watch "Rack, Shack, and Benny" when I put it on, he loves the music in that one. I keep a Veggie Tales CD in the car and we all sing along to it. The songs are fun and really well written. I like it too!

I would love to win either the Grand Prize or one of the Runner Up prizes, thanks!
We love Veggietales! Count me in. My daughter will love the cloring sheets! Thanks!
WOW!!! We love Veggie Tales and have been long time fans:) We have loved them before they made it on the big screen and even devoted an entire summer of Sunday School classes for them:) I was Bob the tomato and my hubby was Larry the cucumber:) Silly, I know but it was loads of fun!! My favorite song is 'Oh where is my hair brush?' anyone familiar with it?? Please sign me up:) My kids would LOVE it:)
Cool contest $100 for toys r us- wow!
We love Veggie Tales! We usually give Fuller one in his Spring Basket (aka Easter Basket). And Silly Songs are the bestest!
We love Veggie tales!!! Thanks for the contest!
OH wow-- I'm sure this will be yet another movie that the songs stick in your head, LOL!

Yay, this looks great!!! Please add me to the list! :) Thanks!!


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