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Ok so I know it is just a mom blog about my life, as boring as that might be, however i crave comments do you?? If so how can we get more??

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Same thing happens to me. The stuff I think hey they'll comment = 0 comments, other posts = 10 crazy!
I love comments.
I have made some lovely bloggy friends through comments I have left/received. The more comments I leave, the more I tend to get.
I LOVE getting comments. They are the best and make me feel so special when I get them.
I know I do. I get a real kick out of knowing someone else is reading my blog and actually cares enough about what I've said to leave a comment.

Two things that have helped me are to try and optimize my post a little bit, especially when it comes to choosing either a catchy title, or just sticking some keywords in there so it will pop up on a Google search.

I also try and read and comment on other blogs regularly. Often people will follow back and return the favor.

Twitter is another way. When I write a post I really want people to read, I occasionally "tweet" about it, and get a small amount of traffic that way.
I love getting comments. They mean more than just "hits." If someone comments they actually cared enough about what you wrote to make an effort to say something. It's like a little reward each time.
I do crave comments but unfortunately I rarely get any! Maybe I am a bad blogger?? I have family/friends that email me to tell me they love my blog but don't leave comments! Boo! :(
Alyssa, I think that comes from reading so many other blogs and seeing how many comments they have. While comments can be a great motivator at times I hear from the folks who do get a lot that there are some nasty people out there. When I first started writing my blog, I hated that people didn't comment because I felt that was what my blog was supposed to be about and that no comments meant not interesting. Even friends don't leave comments, what the...? Now, the way I feel about it is, I am writing for me and my kids trying to leave them a legacy. If someone feels they want to comment I love it. If not, that is fine too.
I love getting comments! It makes me feel like I posted something that really helped someone. I find that even if I am talking about myself or my family, if I post useful information, tips, or advice along with it, I get more comments.
I think the reason we crave comments is because we all crave human interaction and acceptance and also we desire to know that others have experienced what we have. Imagine all the mom bloggers in the world in a room together and I bet there wouldn't be near as many spontaneous conversations as you see happening on blogs.

We can all be ourselves!

I have found that simply commenting on other blogs helps a lot. It's so easy to be a lurker and think that even if all you have to say is "cool" or "I agree" that it's not worth saying, but I'll take a one or 2 word comment over none at all!

I try to visit everyone who comments and even visits my site if they have a blog, and I try to comment. Sometimes it is hard to find enough time, but I try.
I never have any comments on my blogs haha i wish that I did because I want to know what others think of my diaper wipe cases it makes me crazy to think that I am wasting my time and money on the supplies.
I also get blog envy when I see the smallest post on a blog and then I see that they received +40 comments. It just makes me keep on keep'n on. One day I say.


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