I'm so fascinated with the amount of information I consume in the very tiny amount of blog surfing that I do, on everything from frugal living to the secrets of the coral reef to making bead jewelry. If you blog to display the wealth of knowledge you possess on a certain aspect of life, I wanna see it.

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I have a few blogs that I am just getting started. Think Organic Baby is a blog geared towards going green with family in mind. Another is mommystartups.com which will be a motivational website for mommy's looking to start their own business, with interviews from other mompreneurs and other helpful tips.
I have a large list of resources on how to work from home on this blog everything from paid blogging to wahm biz solutions. Need information? Just ask! :)
My SahmMoneyMaking is supposed to help stay at home moms find ways to make money from home.
My blog, At Home Redesigns, is about interior design, only not in a who-can-afford-that, who-lives-like-that, get-real-already kind of way. I'm an interior redesigner (using furniture and items you already own), and find I have tips to share...

Thanks for asking!
Mine is Under the Loupe and I chat about all types of things with an emphasis on gemstones and/or creating.
What a great discussion! Thanks for starting it, Kate! At Everyday Baby Steps I blog about my personal struggle to get back on track after leaving my job and having my third child. I incorporate my own knowledge as a former college advisor and mental health provider as well as informative books, magazines, and websites to demonstrate how I am trying to reach my goals of becoming a better mom and freelance writer. Please join me in my babysteppin'!


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