Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for growing kids. But with all the options out there, how do you decide on a healthy and great-tasting cereal that your kids will love? Nature’s Path recently introduced two new organic, lower sugar, whole grain cereals to their EnviroKidz line: Leapin’ Lemurs and Penguin Puffs.

With Leapin’ Lemurs – a delicious gluten-free pairing of peanut butter balls and chocolate balls, and Penguin Puffs – a crunchy blend of kamut, quinoa and corn – kids will be eating healthy, organic, non-GMO ingredients, consuming less sugar, fat and sodium, and getting more whole grains into their cereal bowls, while still enjoying a great tasting breakfast.

EnviroKidz also teaches kids about the environment, habitat conservation and endangered species – 1% of yearly sales are donated to organizations such as The Lemur Conservation Foundation and The Defenders of Wildlife.

We're giving away 10 boxes of EnviroKidz cereal: 5 moms, 2 boxes each. Leave a comment below to win!

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How wonderful! I have two autistic cousins and we are always looking for gluten free, organic food items as part of their special diet! Thank you so much!
Leapin’ Lemurs and Penguin Puffs!....

I'm ready to roll with Penguins and Lemurs and other great stuff!...

Hope to be the lucky winner so my two little ones will enjoy a good breakfast with lot's of good stuff!..

Happy landings!
I buy this ceral regularly and my kids love it! 2 boxes free? Count me in! We go throgh a box of ceral a day in this house.
My kids LOVE Envirokids and my oldest, due to food allergies, is glad to have a cereal that she can eat that is also child friendly.
Count me in :-)
Wow- This is great! We have a son with lots of allergies so we love finding healthy alternatives.

We'd love to try this!!! : )

Thanks for sharing
Very cool! My son has a gluten allergy (we suspect) so this cereal is perfect no w that he is really eating solid food!
Oh, I would like to try this. Every time I eat cereal my stomach hurts. It would be interesting to try this out to see if it is the gluten.
Yummy! My 2 year old is currently OBSESSED with cereal. We are having a hard time keeping him away from brightly colored boxes with "cool cartoons" on them. These could be the perfect substitute!
I'd love to give these to my kiddos.


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