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If my mom blog could be featured in any magazine it would be....

Business Week?

Which glossy would you love to be featured in?

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Aw shucks
I have no idea.... I'm a Christian WAHM, speaker, writer, I mostly blog about my life, ministry, faith, and kids.
Any food magazine. Or maybe a parenting magazine. Well, actually, any magazine really:)
We would love to be featured in People Magazine. We blog about everyone featured in that magazine and quote the magazine all the time, it would be great to be featured in it.

The Celebrity Boutique Girls
Variety. It would mean I got a TV deal! Oh what a dream!
I would love to be featured in O, People, Parents, or in the New York Times Blog section...heck, anywhere that would appreciate my humor:)
Home Education Magazine

I think Parenting Magazine would be the best fit for List Mama Blog.

Parents, hands down! Allure? Most days not so much.
Definitely Rachel Ray! I love her magazine and her. She's great! I'm also a big fan of my "grandma" (I adopted her) Paula Deen.
O for sure! I love her magazine!
Marie Claire (dig their style plus substance combo!)


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