Have you ever used a guest blogger or blogged on someone else's site?

I know Dooce is doing it right now, and I've guest posted at Mommy Confessions....has anyone else done this perhaps when you were going to be away and needed to fill empty days with posts? Was it successful?

I also enlisted my hubby to post once for me (and had a few other readers do the same on their blog)...that was kind of fun!

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@ Deb - Didn't you guest blog on mine once? Yes, it was about being a working mom, in my "Mom Profiles" Series!
No, I haven't. I probably would have jumped at the chance just a year before, but now I just don't have that free time. It takes all my time to regularly post on my 4 blogs :)
Ohhh - I love the idea of getting my hubby to post!! I haven't had someone do it yet to mine. I do use Wordless Wed and Tuesday Toot just because I know at least for those days if nothing substantial happened or my brian is tired, at least I know those 2 days will go up new! :-)
I just guest blogged at To Think Is To Create last week! It was my first time! And I'll be guest blogging again for a different blogger going to She Speaks next week!

I would be scared to ask me to guest blog. You'd come back to one crazy blog, that's for sure!

Perfect timing on this question. I've asked my friends who are two "alternative lifestyle hipsters from NYC" to give parenting advice on my blog. They don't have kids. Oh, it's a scream. I gave them two questions and had them video tape the answers.

If I had any homophobic readers, I don't any more!

I also have put out the call for volunteers to guest blog at List Mama Blog. I will be visiting family and won't be able to post as often as I would like. If anyone is interested in creating a list about something that interests Mamas, then please email me at jennifer@listplanit.com
I have guest blogged several times. Really, I don't enjoy it because i get so nervous about what to say! If asked to guest blog again, I'll have to think about it before immediately saying I'd do it.

As for guest bloggers on my site, I haven't ever had one. Since you can schedule posts, I just write things ahead of time to post if I'm going to be away.
not yet but I am just really getting inot blogging
I've had the privilege of blogging for Amanda and crew at The Mom Crowd. It was a great time. They're a fabulous group.
I just used guest bloggers all week last week on my vacation. It was amazing! I got a few new readers, too, as they linked to their posts. I absolutely loved it.
I have never done either. Although I have been blogging since October, I am still so new to it all
I had never really heard of being a guest blogger till today. Just been asked to do a guest post for Musings of a Housewife later in the summer.

No idea what to post about! Life in Northern Ireland, digital scrapbooking? Those are my main subjects of my blog. What would you want to read about?

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.



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