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How many times do you change your blogs theme or design? I just got a new design a few weeks ago over at my mom blog but last night I got an itch to also change the theme to make it cleaner. So, the new theme is now up too.

Are you like me a frequent changer? How many times do you/have you changed your theme?

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I go through that too. :) I don't "change" it completely, but I always seem to be looking for ways to perfect it and make it look better.
I have had the same one since I started, I am thinking about finally getting a fancy one... stay tuned on what I decide
I have changed only once and don't like change too much. I do feel a little stuck with my title in how I could change mine, though.
Never *blush* but I like my plain, clean look.
This one right now is a keeper. I like the layout and I find it neat and easier to have my widgets, icons, etc organized. I was hoping I could find one in green.
I actually haven't changed mine since it started 18 months ago. I have always had a clear idea of how I wanted it to look some day, and my husband has created a CMS and we'd always planned for me to transfer my entire blog over from blogger to his system when his company was launched. Well it's launching within the next week or two finally and I'm very excited because we're going to get to redesign my blog for the very first time! :)

I haven't gotten "bored" with my old theme because it is the simplest, most minimalistic one out there and I really like simple. Plus, I knew a spankin' new one would be coming eventually!

Going Bananas Blog
If I had the tools and time to design my own I'd have a different one each week. I just had someone design mine and it's up and fresh!
I just changed mine to suit my blog...perfect~ lilmommythatcould. I looked for awhile and found D3 less then 24 hours I had my custom look! I told her I cried when I saw it, I did! So I think it will be a longggg time before mine is changed:)!
The first day I started my blog, I walked outside and snapped a shot of the wall of roses exploding that week. I've kept the header, but I've gone back and forth a few times on 3 columns vs. 2.
I hope that I'm a reformed frequent changer. When my blog was still on blogger I think I changed the look weekly. Now that I'm at Wordpress I've only changed 3 times. I'm trying to resist making any more changes.
I use blogger which has horrible layouts....but I don't want to change at this point because my blog address is established. I looked into a few layout designers to fix up my site but I haven't found the right one. Any suggestions?
As it's my job to change others design I haven't got the time to change my own blogs very often *lol* But I love to and I am planning redesign for some of my blogs. Just need to get some extra time. :)

But like others said, changing too often might not be for everyone if you want to "brand yourself", but once you have found the right theme for your blog you will normally stick to it some time :)


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