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We've all had our share of not-so-nice comments from readers. What was the worst ever left in your comments?

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I don't know if this is a "bad" comment but I recently had a guy dis Mommy Blogs for not using their influence to change the world. He claims all we talk about are "ice cream and toads, teddy bears and diaper systems". He wasn't rude or anything but he sure sparked a debate! I guess I should thank him for it, huh? *wink*

You can read his entire comment here.
The worst comments I get are from weirdos that sign off as Anonymous. If they are daring enough to comment something in really bad taste mocking you they shouldn't be hiding behind the curtain.
I have been really lucky so far and have not recieved any bad comments (keeping fingers crossed!).
I'm new at this, so nothing major so far. Just one person who seemed to want to plug her product rather than really connect, which I found off-putting.
I haven't had any really bad comments although I have had people disagree with my opinions. So far, no one has been mean. (but, I also haven't really hit on an hot topics either. ) I mostly just post about my every day life with the kids.
Now, when i start workin on the presidential campaign....well, then, I expect to get some nasty comments. UGH!
;) Debi
Who Says 8 is Enough?
I had one weird comment and the content wasn't so bad except the italics he had under his signature made it oh so delete-able. It said something to the affect of: "Stop breast-feeding everywhere. Its ruining breasts. It hurts women. Babies don't need it. Men are leaving their wives because of it. Don't breastfeed, save the breast." Maybe he was trying to be funny. Maybe not (scary thought). Nevertheless, whatever credibility he had before was entirely gone. *DELETE*
I used a "cool, trendy"phrase that apparently a mother should not say based on their comment. Needless to say I deleted her reply. A blog is where you can say whatever you want.
I've had one person (anonymous) slam me for giving my teething infant pain medication. Saying that with five children she'd never "resorted to Tylenol or Motrin to quiet her children."
Later (quite recently actually) a different person (another anonymous, maybe the same one actually) went ballistic on a post where I tongue in cheek asked if wanting time away from my kids made me a bad mom. Every time someone commented in reaction to her comment she'd come back to the charge. Apparently we should treasure each and every second we are with our kids and never ever want to be away from them. HA! I mean... duh, of course. LOL

It's my life...
The Lemonade Stand.
When I was blogging my first child's milestones and first year, one jealous reader left comments criticizing me for my daughter's reflux and allergies... saying it was somehow my fault because I was such an awful mother. And furthermore she was ugly. :( It was so sad. Luckily, most of my other readers rallied and found out via IP address who was leaving the nasty comments and we had her banned from all sorts of blogs and sites from there on out.
I just got my first "Angry Anonymous" comment! I'm kind excited about it - is that wrong? It was on a post I did about those strollers for dogs. Apparently I'm a dog hater because I don't value the life of my dog and the life of my child equally.

Here's the post.

And here is the comment:

Anonymous said...

Too bad you feel it is "just a dog". Maybe you didn't love your dog enough. Sounds a little sad your dog was good enough until you got a human child. Real animal lovers don't push their animals aside just because they had a human child. I have both and spoil both just the same. People who feel they are "just" animals shouldn't have them.
I've only been blogging since February. I get very few comments & thankfully no bad ones, yet.
I posted a picture of the M & M store in Las Vegas, and asked readers what was their favorite M & M. I stated that I loved the blue peanut M & Ms. A reader replied that "She didn't discrimate". She also stated that it was sad that stores such as M & M existed. When I read the post, my response was how did we end up here over M & Ms. I decided that she wasn't worth the trouble, and deleted the post.


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