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The blogging no-nos post got me thinking, have you ever posted something, then regret putting it out there? Have you ever deleted a post after publishing it? What were your reasons?

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I deleted a post and fessed up to it later to the blog owner. It was something simple and not too embarassing...but I thought it was too personal (TMI) and thought I'd prefer to email instead of putting it all out there.
There are a few posts that I have put up and thought about later, but I never deleted them. I am trying to make my blog about me and if someone I know happens to read it and it might be about them, I'll deal with it then. I'm afraid if I start second-guessing everything I put up, I will be afraid to post.
My post today was about hiding my spending from my husband - I'm going to leave it up one more day then delete it, so he never sees it. :)
I was super pissed ay my boyfriend one day and bitched about him and the situation in a post. I removed the post within two hours (after I'd calmed dowm)... lol. He has no idea!
I did do one post that I thought long and hard about posting as it was a bit more strident that others. But, as with others, I found that it was part of me and everything I said was valid. Did make me a little concerned for a while though.
My blog isn't really of the personal nature so I don't post stuff that I'd second guess. I pretty much plan out my posts anyway before hand....I have a post up making fun of my DH for flushing his sunglasses down the pooper - that's about as bad as it ever gets.....that ones staying up forever, he deserves it!
When my husband got fired, I wrote a post and directed a particular paragraph to the manager who happens to read my blog. Everyone was telling me to delete it but I stand firm behind what I write so I left it.

I've never regretted anything I wrote.....
I guess I should answer my own post, huh:)

It's not so much that I regret things I write, as I get nervous to put them out into the universe. A lot of it is raw, so it's scary. Let pieces of me go for others to own is just a nerve racking experience for me. but I do it, one of my most revealing to date was just a few days ago, and while I tossed and turned on it all night, I woke up being glad I did it.

And then, I have oodles of snarky posts, and I don't regret them one bit:)
Most definitely! I had a big long post about some "friends" of mine. I kept it private and then was harassed asked about why they couldn't see it. I explained it was just some private thoughts and that invoked World War 3! Needless to say we were already on the way out of our friendship and this was what caused it to end! Do I regret it...some days...but most days no.
No regrets yet, although I have many drafts that I have yet to publish, more rants then anything- I get it out save it but don't push the publish button!
Sort of. I have a tendency to open my mouth, let everything fall out, and then deal with the aftermath. I don't mince words and I don't pay attention to the toes I step on. It doesn't really backfire with my blog, but there's one post I may have worded differently...maybe. *evil little laugh*

I don't know. I prefer to be honest about everything, it's no good for the soul to lie. I'm not ashamed of who I am or what I feel, and if I'm true to myself and I'm true to my writing, everyone's just going to have to deal with it or not read my blog.


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