I consider myself from the south, but feeling a little left of the the "Southern Mom Bloggers" description!


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Dusty said:
lol. Love that! I'll have to tell my hubby about the "sweet tea line." I'm a Yankee that has relocated, so I totally get it. I used to work in restaurants up north that didn't serve sweet tea. When I told my husband that, his mouth hit the floor and he asked, "What do you guys drink then?"

What part of "up north"? In New England, Iced Coffee is the big summer drink! I still drink it, can't see wasting coffee on a hot summer day, and I still have to get my caffine in lol
Hey Everyone

New Here and from Apex, NC transplanted from NY. It would be great to meet up with some of you in the area for coffee, yep a big coffee drinker from NY, only found out about sweet tea when I moved here...but love it
I'm from NC!!! Where are you? :) http://www.three-peas.com
I live/work in Charlotte, NC.
I see we have some NC's here. I am from Sanford, NC.
YAY! Neighbors! I'm in Fort Mill, SC but everyone who lives in Charlotte NC knows it's basically considered Charlotte. I just moved here across the border after 7 years in North Charlotte (Highland Creek/Univ Area). I see there's a few of us here. I'm hosting a Wii Fit Mommiis Twitter party this wednesday (12/10) and Nintendo is sponsoring. They want me to also host a live party and are trying to arrange to have 'Wii Fit Experts' at my house to answer questions and tape the party to have live online. If anyone is interested and can attend, let me know! The party is from 8-10 PM EST.
NC here too!!!
Hey, I'm new to the group and in the Raleigh area. Manda Blogs About
By best friend and I are on here, We are both 30 minutes east from Raleigh in the Red Oak, Nashville area!
I'm in the Raleigh- Durham Area! Original New Yorker but, reside in the Triangle! I'm hoping to settle in Charlotte. It reminds me of home a little and there's so much going on there. The Speedway, Football Team, Basketball Team etc.
I've lived in several NC cities (as well as a few other states), but have lived in the Greensboro area for the better part of 18 years.
NC here too.....For sure NC is southern ! Beyond southern- LOL :) Just check out my blog name - Sweet Tea and Biscuits
Does that say southern or what girls?? Hope you will visit and I can meet some new momma blog friends.





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