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I am in the midst of breaking away from the usually ridiculous banter on my blog and I want to pay tribute to some great Mommy Bloggers. I do add blogs I love to my blogroll, but I want to make this a bit more fun....

If someone comments on my blog (http://dailyblonde.blogspot.com) I always look at their blog! However, I'd like to give kudos to the bloggers I know and the ones I haven't discovered.

I'm going to feature my top 20 favorite bloggers who respond here over the next few days. Tell me why you love being a Mommy....and a Mommy Blogger. What is it about blogging that you love? Is it the venting, the companionship of other moms or is it just an outlet for you?? Maybe you make a little money from it?

I'm all ears and really would love to hear from you. Hey, maybe I'll get so many responses this will be a top 50 list! :)

*******I plan to post this list on my site by Tuesday, July 1st. Please comment here by Monday, June 30 @ 5pm EST if you want to be included!!************************

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Good morning Cheryl!
Why blogging? Why, oh why?
Well, honestly it is an outlet for me. For years I've been the story-teller in my family and now I've found a way to share on a larger scale.
And a special joy comes when I find another Mom-Blogger who seems to have the same sense of humor, or life sensibilities. I realize I'm not alone in this "Mommy World".
Hi Ann!
Happy Friday!! Thanks for commenting...and you know I love your blog! :) Isn't it nice to know we can share with other moms...I love it!
Hi Cheryl,

Neat discussion!

I'm a Mommy Blogger who doesn't blog about my kids. At least not too often.

My blog was born out of a desire to improve my health and yes, my looks, because I'm vain like that. It started out as a food journal to keep me accountable, but it morphed naturally into an informational blog.

What I love about blogging is the community building aspect of it. I love meeting new people, reading their blogs or their comments and learning so much from each person. I love the discussions we have on my blog and the cameraderie that has developed.

And the stuff that goes on behind the scenes - I have people email me some amazing, inspiring stories that keep me encouraged and uplifted and constantly in awe. I have "met" so many beautiful people through my blog!

Plus, I love to write and I'm a ham at heart, so getting to entertain people while offering them information, is a huge plus for me.

As for being a Mommy - what's not to like about it? :)

Going Bananas Blog
Hi Cheryl!

What a great idea! I started blogging mainly for a creative outlet. I did a lot of writing and graphic design in my former job, and really stared to miss it after about two years away. Though I love being a SAHM and a homemaker, I need some way to express myself. Blogging allows me to be a mom and play with my son and watch him grow, and still take some time for myself and do something I enjoy. I've also enjoyed meeting so many other interesting moms and women through it.
Good afternoon!

Blogging is more like an outlet for me and best of all, building friends. Well, I do make some money here and there basically just to pay for my digital scrapbooking hobby.

I started blogging way before I was a mom and it was through a community site. I didn't blog as much as nowadays that I actually have my own site and friends and fellow moms! It's amazing to read and gather insights from other moms and like I said MAKE FRIENDS!
So far such GREAT replies!! Thanks...keep them coming. I love that I'm finding some great Moms on here to communicate with. I also like seeing that we're "people" not just Moms. It's hard being a Mom and having time to be yourself...I think blogging is a awesome way to connect....
Being a mommie is an amazing test to yourself - what your limits REALLY are, what your strengths REALLY are (oh hey, I can mop up poop/ puke without vomiting, who knew?) Being a blogger just allows me to share these things and find other like minded folks. I love that I can share my creative angst with other creative moms and I love supporting those moms in their creative ventures. I do make a little money but it's not enough to be the reason behind my doing.....I do it because It fosters my sense of self (as someone else already mentioned).

Nice to 'meet' you by the way.
Nice to meet you, too! Being a Mommy is a complicated thing--but I love it!! My oldest is almost 24 and my youngest is 7. I learn new things about being a Mom every day :)
Cool idea!

What I love about being a mommy is re-experiencing the innocent parts of life through my kids eyes. Kids got it going on....they are not influenced by political correctness, or bias of any kind. They tell it like it is, they see things in a way that adults have lost sight of, and all the while I watch them knowing I had a part in bringing them here.

What I love about being a mommy blogger, hands down, is the camaraderie and support from other mommy bloggers. I love it when I write something that helps other moms and also that someone comments on that they can relate to. To know that others go through the same things I do is priceless even if we'll never be in the same room!

Thanks for asking!
Way to spread the love sister!

I started blogging to tell my stories or days events to people over the age of two, to really put myself out there, and prove I wasn't just losing my mind. 24/7 toddler interaction changes a person, and since I live in a very rural area, and play dates and mommy groups aren't really an option here, my blog has become my play date, my private mommy group, where I can vent, and cry and laugh and just interact with other woman going through exactly what I am, and even some who aren't.

My blog is absolutely my outlet, as well as my sounding board, my soap box, and my uninterrupted bubble bath after a long day.
I'm happy to be getting so many responses!! I'd hope to publish my list on my blog by Sunday but I may let this discussion run a few more days to get more Moms on board.

Thanks :)
Hi - I am fairly new to blogging, I started my blog as a way to stay connected w/ my family, meet other moms, record my thoughts and the boys' day to day happenings in a more fun way than the 200+ page journal I've been keeping in a word document on my computer, and to raise awareness about autism.

I love being a mommy and I absolutely love my baby boys! They have a unique perspective on the world and they are constantly forcing me to slow down and notice the little things around me (hey mama, did you see that "ant parade"? and did you know there are two kinds of Walmarts? Wal-mart "rectangle" and Wal*mart "star"). I love their sense of humor and the fact that they laugh often even if they are really loud about it :). They make me want to be the best person I can be.


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