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I've gone back and forth on whether to have three columns for my blog. Do you have opinions on columns? Did you decide on three, and why? Do you have a reaction to blogs with three columns - too busy, or nice to have the information near the top?

You don't have to look at my blog to comment, I'm speaking generally, but if you'd like to, I'm at Lit and Laundry.

I'm interested in looking at your 2 or 3 column blog as an example. Thanks!

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I picked a three column template because I liked the idea of having more things near the top - and it works out nice for having advertisers. I don't think I've ever visited a site and went 'oh look, only two columns' so I can't say it matters to me as a's just what works best for my vision of my site.

Maternal Spark
It really depends on what you are wanting to display in my opinion. I like having all the extra spaces for stuff but I don't like it cluttered. That's why when I switched to my new theme, I chose one with boxes at the top and the very bottom.

you can see it at
mine is three column. I like three because it brings more content up to the top, so there is less scrolling down with the mouse. I personally get distracted when there is a lot of bling on a blog - lots of buttons and badges. I'm a no frills gal, I guess. HTH.

I have three because 2 was just not enough for me to cram everything in!

I think it is really just personal preference.
i agree with the others, i like the three column blog. it helps me keep a clean look. now i'm off to check yours!

We Make Three
I like two columns because its cleaner, most of the time. I do agree that scrolling can be a nuisance. But sometimes there's too much going on and I just get overwhelmed and leave a site.
It doesn't matter to me as a visitor. I have seen great 2, 3 & even 4 column blogs. I personally prefer 3 columns for my own blog.
I was going back & forth, but right now I'm a 3 column blogger. I felt like I had to much for just 2 columns. When I visit other sites, it doesn't matter what they have. I love the diversity of everyone's blogs!

Here is mine if you'd like to check it out.
Mine is three. I've gone back and forth but have now settled on three columns at the top and two at the bottom... hard to explain... LOL. My main blog and two narrow columns at the top, but lower down. beneath those two narrow columns is one wide column. I think it's just personal preference really.
I have 2 on my site, but I like a really clean look. I have done three before and I think it can be done well. As long as you have good padding so everything doesn't get smashed together. I have run into some sites that I wasn't even sure where the blog started because everything was so smooshed together. I also do not like it if there is too much animated stuff right at the top, it can be too distracting with three columns.

You can see my two column here:
It doesn't matter to me as the reader. I only have two right now because that is what my background template came with.
I was originally a two column gal but when you start adding advertising and buttons it starts to look cluttered. So I recently added three and I. LUV. it. YOu can check out my layout (thanks again to Jen and Brittany) at


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