I'm a newbie and am wanting to start up my own blog. It is so much fun reading everyone's time I join you! But where do I start? I'm asking for feedback on how you got started. How did you go about setting up your blog? What are good blog resources for those of us who aren't all that computer savvy? How do you find time to manage your blog? I work full time and have a daughter. I can barely find time to visit all of the blogs I enjoy, let along manage one for myself!

What's your story? Can't wait to read them!

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I was trying to leave a comment for a friend on her blog. I hit comment and the next thing I saw was join so I did.

The very first entry on my blog says, "I joined to leave a comment for my friend".

That was in June 2005. I just had my second baby in 23 months and certainly didn't think blogging was going to fit in my life.

Still blogging and just started my 5th blog as a very happy blogaholic.
I started blogging because I needed to vent about a toddler left alone at a park. Although it wasn't my first post, it was the reason I finally pulled the trigger and just created a blog. It took a little time for me to warm up to how I like to write but I eventually found my stride.

Finding time - When chaos isn't an issue, I post a few times a week or so. (Right now I'm at about one per week, ack!) I write because I enjoy it and I love it when readers hang with me even after a long dry spell. There are so many blog posts constantly running through my brain but I just don't have time to write them like I want to - I'm all about quality over quantity.

As for reading blogs, I subscribe to a ton and view most in Google Reader. I comment when something moves me or if I just want to remind a friend that I'm still around.

Now that I did this whole post and didn't really answer any questions, I guess I should get around to it. :) How I started - I picked Blogger because it's Google based and several that I had been reading were blogger. I used a standard template and basics until I got the swing of things then gradually added widgets, changed templates and started customizing things. Resources I use - one of my favorites is Blogger Buster but I pretty much just do Google searches for what I'm looking for and read several opinions before committing to a change of any kind. I keep a digital post-it on my desktop with important coding shortcuts like launching a new window from a link or adding a link to a comment.

Just start from beginning :D When I have my first blog November last year. I also don't know anything. I learn little by little. Mostly I write about my son. Just write about what do you like. Now, I have 3 blogs. So far I manage everything well ^_^. Now, I am work at home mother. It is not easy to divide my time for family and blogging.

I really enjoy with blogging world. This is one of my addicted besides photography :D


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