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I now own! Yay! Somehow, I feel like this validates things and makes me a 'real' blogger ;)

So what are my next steps? I've set up forwarding so it will point to blogspot for now but eventually I'll be moving to wordpress. What implications will this have? Will all my existing links go dead? I'd hate to loose my google rating (4) because of this.

I'd love to hear from others who did the same thing and how they did it!

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I can't answer your questions, but I want to congratulate you! Great milestone!
I'm sorry I don't have the answers also. But I'm interested in hearing how this does effect you. And I wanted to give a big congratulations on your new home. Oh and if you haven't used WP feel free and email me if you have questions setting up.
Congrats! I know that feeling. I had it too! I am fortunate enough to have a guy that I work with that knows all that kind of stuff so he does it for me. He owns a hosting place and has tons of blogs, so I know I am in good hands with him.
thanks ladies! So, anyone know?
Congrats on the purchase! I felt the same way when I did mine. I was part of the WWW LOL

As far as your links and all that, I think you will. You could probably ask in the WP group here and someone might be able to point you in the right direction.

There's a very nice import feature at wp and it will allow you to import all your posts and comments into wordpress. Now if you commonly link to your other posts in a post, those will not work because it can't change the url's in the posts.

Yes, you will lose your pr but should regain it back fairly quickly. Also, if you plan on using the domain for a while, it could gain pr before you decide to even transfer everything who knows!
Isn't it the best feeling!? Makes you feel all official, congrats!

I can't answer your WP questions, but I was just wondering why you are making the move. I have been quite happy with my own domain name at blogger for a long time, and was wondering why you were leaving.
Congratulations :)

right now I have it set up so that

are all connected to make it seem like a complete website.
Obviously this isn't ideal for managing links, traffic stats etc. I do have plans for expanding the site eventually and blogger just won't have the functionality I'll be looking for - like I may want to offer download links etc.

I recently made the move from blogger to my own self-hosted wordpress installation.
I also wanted to keep same links/traffic (didn't have much of a PR ranking to begin with).

I read these 2 articles to get an idea of what to do (they are different in their methods).

Get your current address to show up as in Google's search engine (you will need to go to your domain registrar and point the servers to blogspot). You will also need to get into your Blogger account and go to custom domains to set up your blog as Mind you, this is only temporary! Once the search engines pick up your current site as, then you can make the move to your new Wordpress Installation (and re-direct your domain to your host's servers). This step took me about 5 days before I saw my Blogspot turn into .com in Google.

Also remember to set up your permalinks in Wordpress to look the same as your current Blogspot blog. This way when people do a search, they will still see the same pages. You might want to also consider making a 404 error page.

After I made the switch, I initially noticed my blog shot up to the number #1 position for a few important keywords. I assume it shot up because the spiders had crawled my blog with the new domain (but I was still hosted by blogspot). After a week or 2, I noticed that my traffic dropped a little and I was no longer quite as high for my keywords (there are some words that my blog isn't showing up for at all anymore). I have to assume the drop was due to the spiders crawling the site after it was managed by Wordpress. Irregardless, I'm confident that traffic will pick up again, it might just take a little bit of time.

Hopefully someone else here can shed some more light on this process. HTH!
Debbie, you rock! Thank you so much for all the info, I'll go check out those links.
I don't think your links will go dead.
Not sure though.

~Craving Baby


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