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Once you visit a blog (or even before if the name is un-interesting), what makes you pack up and leave?

Music playing?
Too much text?
Too many photos?
Not enough text or photos?
High number of comments?

I'm full of it tonight (questions that is! LOL)

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Music doesn't bother me because I have my volume turned off. As long as the design is such that the text is easy to read and the graphics don't draw attention from the writing, then I'm happy.

The content is what really matters to me. I get turned off by blogs that are lacking in personality. I don't like blogs that are obviously re-posting news or informational articles, without adding their own flair. I also get turned off by religious and political blogs - apologies if that offends anyone.
I agree with you on politics and religion Anna, those are things I keep out of my 'real life' friendships as well.

I'll read some posts about certain things, but not if that's ALL they're about.
not having a mommybar badge :>
Too much clutter is too distracting. Music and photos are okay (especially if it's a song I like!) I prefer personal blogs so if it looks like a series of paid advertisements, I "click the X" as my kids say.
Music makes me run, I used to have a very slow computer and music would bog down everything or crash my browser. I'm really into blogs with good design, but then again I'm an artist and a web designer. And I don't like clutter, it's really bad when you can't even find the start of the blog.
For me, it's light colored text or when the font is too small. My eyes are bad enough without having to strain them to read a post. :-)
What turns me off is the same thing that I just let happen to my own blog. I lost my focus. I started my blog as a record of my personal journey and that is, in fact, what I want it to be. I hope it helps/amuses/educates along the way but I really started it for me. Then I started reading about "monetizing your blog" and I got all screwed up in design and trying to write to an audience. My blog lost its heart when i did that so now I'm working on getting my head screwed back on straight again and getting back to basics.
I like to read about people's lives, so when a blog is all about products I think it's kind of boring. Product mentions and reviews here and there are cool and informative, but when that is all a blog is it's like reading a commercial.
Blogs that are overt religious...music that autostarts... too much clutter...
Blogs that seem too....'rehearsed' or composed. I am really more interested in the true to life stories of everyone...even if its kind of messy or rambling. I think personality comes out when people write from the heart and not so much 'compose' their blogs. I can buy a book if I want to read a story... I like the true life ....not rewritten and edited versions.
I keep my volume off so music doesn't really bother me. I don't like too much clutter or advertisements. I enjoy looking at pictures, as long as there aren't a ton. Videos are okay but sometimes I don't have a lot of time to watch so usually I'll just skip those over, unless I have the time and the interest to watch it.
I usually keep the sound off b/c I'm on late at night and I hate when music starts playing automatically. I'm not a big fan of clutter or too many ads.
I am pretty open to the blogs I will read, but the one thing that makes my eyes glare over is never ending paragraphs, nothing to break things up, my eyes will just not allow me to process it all.


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