I'm doing some preliminary research to purchase a new computer, and was hoping you all could tell what type of computer/laptop you use.

So, what type of 'puter do you use, and why do you love it/hate it?

My Dell died recently, so I'm on a six year old Toshiba Satellite laptop right now. It goes way too slow for my taste. Although, I do like the big bright screen and how durable the keyboard has been.

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I just got a new Dell Inspiron 530 and love it!! This is my 4th Dell computer and nobody could convince me to have anything else. I've never had an issue with one and never needed service on it. The only reason that I got the new one is because I've had DSL issues since December and just couldn't handle being online on one machine and doing all my work on another. It had nothing to do with being a Dell though....I lost some drivers and messed some of my registry up. At today's tech costs, it would cost as much for repair as new, thus the new computer. My previous computers were Dimension 8100 and 8400. I don't remember the other.

For perifials, I love HP and have many of their products. I've just never been satisfied with what I see on their computers and know too many people with issues with them.

I've never had one, but Sony comes highly recommended to me as well. I just got a better deal on my Dell.

Hope this is of some help!!

I've got the Dell E1505 Inspirion. I love it so far. I've had it for going on almost 2yrs with no problems. (knock on wood).
I have a Dell which is a desktop where I usually use for all my digital scrapbooking hobby. And I have a laptop that I use all the time because of my job. It's an HP Compaq nc6320
Mine's a Dell Dimension 3000. We've had it for several years now. So far, so good.
I love my Sony Vaio. It is over 5 years old and has been unbelievable. My husband is always impressed when I can play Sirius without a problem while having 4-5 other applications open.
I have a Sony Vaio which I love. Not only is it fast and powerful, but it's also pink and blinged out!
Oh my This is something I need to do myself. My laptop is slowly dying. (BOO HOO) i have a Dell Inspiron 640m.
I have a 10-year-old Mac powerbook which is slow (maxed out at 512 MB of RAM!) but is still a workhorse. My husband built it for me out of parts of computers. Unfortunately, it's old enough that it doesn't handle modern things (video, flash, shock, etc) very well so it is mainly for text-only stuff. I'm afraid I'm going to have to say goodbye to it soon as it just isn't great for practical use anymore. Then I have an eMac which is probably about 5 years old and great but has one problem -- I can't get my kids off it! They love it too!
I've got 2 MacBook Pro's and can't see myself ever using something different. I used to have a Dell Inspiron and have used my son's Gateway laptop but I think the MBP is well worth the expense.
I have an HP/Compaq laptop with Windows Vista Premium, and I love it.
I have an HP desktop and an HP laptop. I love HP's stuff. My desktop is 4 years old and still able to keep up (well, most of the time), but my laptop is great. I use both at the same time, because my desktop can be slow, once in a while.

When I get a new computer, I'll probably go with one Mac. Two of my daughters have Macs and love them.

Hey, I'll be a Mac/PC person...................:) It's the best of both worlds.
I have a Dell Dimension c521. The only thing I do not like about it is it came with Windows Vista installed. I find myself missing Windows XP. Vista has a few bugs which is so frustrating. But the computer itself is great.

I used to have Compaq Presario laptop, whcih I gave away (and from what I heard is still working) years ago, because I had gotten an HP laptop, but the monitor broke and I'm so sad about it. Tried having a friend who "fixes computers" fix it but he only made it so much worse so now it's not usable at all. I really miss my laptop, being able to sit in bed or sit on the couch is so much more convenient than sitting at the desk.


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