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Do you respond to your readers' comments in the comment section of your blog?

I was just if someone leaves you a comment in one of your posts on your blog, do you usually respond to them in that same comment section of your own blog? Or do you visit their blog and respond to them there?

I often wonder if people come back and read to see if there are responses to their comments. Sometimes I post comments back in my own blog but I don't know if the people commenting even check back!

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I typically respond to them within the comments of the same post. It's easier to keep the conversation going, and it also stops me from having to answer the same question more than once. I will, however, typically follow up comments with an email thanking them for commenting.
I respond within my own posts but I go to their blog and comment on a few of their posts so they know I am open to keeping communication open with them. Met a few great gals that way :-)
I like to respond to a comment in their blog.
Honestly, I have commented/questioned and forgotten what blog I was at! A week might go by, then I'll see that person at someone else's blog and that jogs my memory to go back and see if they responded.
If I respond at their blog I feel better that someone didn't get lost. Comments can be great and I want the visitor to know that I'm aware, that I 'see' them.
I don't usually post a reply to a comment unless I'm being asked a specific question, and even then I might email them offline depending on the response I want to give (may be too personal for world-wide consumption). I try my best to visit their blog (if they have one) to comment on something they wrote, but honestly I sometimes get caught up and forget. I suppose I could be better in that regard...I don't want to seem non-responsive or unappreciative because I absolutely LOVE comments.

What's the standard blog-etiquette?
Always within the comments of that post; it's more like talking to them. But I try to get to the blog of every commenter and post on their blog as well.
I do both. Sometimes I will send them an email.
I email back if they have it enabled or go to their site and comment.
I reply within the comments section, it's quicker, but still allows me to address each person.
If I have a way of finding their blog then I reply in there by commenting on one of their posts. I try and check out everyone's blog who has commented and return the compliment of a comment.

If there is no hint about where they have come from and they have asked a question, then I will respond in my post.
There are a few blogs that I read that respond to commenters in their original post comments. So I go back and check them.

I don't respond to commenters in my comments because I know that my readers don't return. So I will either respond to them in their own blog...or I will post a "Answering my Fan Mail" post, where I copy everyone's comment and respond to them. my readers seem to like this...and it gets hits because it showes up on my reader feed.
Thanks for the responses!
I respond within my comments and I have a plugin that sets it up so that they receive my comment back in an email. I know when I comment at places I forget to check back, so I wanted to make sure they knew I was responding.


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