Is Gambling a Man's Thing? We Dare to Disagree

To be a professional gambler, you need to be a man - at least this is what many media outlets and society as a whole are trying to tell us. Of course, men are seen as being risk-takers but this doesn't necessarily translate into them being the only gender to enjoy playing casino games. Stats show that as many women enjoy a few spins on a Royal Vegas slot machine than…



What would you differently if you could start your blog all over again?

- register a domain name?
- hire a designer?
- not blog about my family?

What would you do differently?

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I'd have to say it would be to pick a topic that I am not slave to everyday. Because of the nature of my topic/niche I have to post daily or I lose my readers. It's not to say I don't get search engine traffic but since my main topic is sweepstakes and they are always ending I have to keep them posted everyday. Some days it gets so tiring. However, I love teaching people and helping them win so that makes it worth it.
MBC = Mom Bloggers Club

and the first time I saw it on my page I was stumped too. LOL
If I was to do it over I would buy my own domain, knowing now I need to do it and dreading it! I also need to redo some aspects on my page, maybe add some tabs so all the links are on one page instead of my main page, I need to add a recipe index so you can find what you are looking for if you are not a daily reader, and finally I need to add the feature so you can print out my recipes in a print friendly mode (found it online, it is just work for someone like me that is still learning!)

Other than that, I would change all my email subscription to a separate email than what I use for PR and get my name off my email. All possible to do, just more to add to the list. LOL
I would have started off with one post a day instead of the two a day that I was doing at first. Its always better to up the post frequency than lower. Oh well.
I also would have made sure to edit the posts better and make them more quality and less wordy.
Oh, and I wouldn't have linked to my old blog. It helped too many dissers find my more private posts and publicize them on sybermoms. (I've gotten rid of that link, but the damage was already done.)
But all in all, I'm pretty satisfied with how my blog has been. My own domain name on blogspot from the start, not posting pics or identifying information, etc.
register a domain name!

I can do my onw designs for blog :-) yay!

Blog about my family and me!
I would love to have hired a designer for my blog logo - something really beautiful and unique.

While I love that I'm using the same domain name I've had since I was a teenager, I wish I had migrated my blog to its own named domain sooner so people could find it more easily.

If I could do it all over again, I would come up with a better name for my blog. When I started it, I wasn't intending to ever do anything with it, and now that I'm much more active, I feel like it's too late to change it. Oh well, there could be worse things to change about it, right?
I think I would have had someone design my blog for me. I STILL need to do this!


I just started blogging a few months ago and I wouldn't change anything. I use blogger, haven't registered a domain name, and I don't keep track of how many subscribers/ visitors I have. I have a preloaded blogger design and I love it. I mainly blog just as a creative outlet for myself and to keep my family and friends updated on my pregnancy/life.

I have no set niche and I blog about the multi-faceted randomness of being me and I love it that way. I figured no point in investing money in my blog when I have no clue where it's gonna go. If I get to the point where I need to expand to WP, register a domain name, or get a pro design, I'll just pay someone to do it.

I enjoy learning new things about blogging bc I jumped in this head first with no knowledge whatsoever about blogging. I make little tweaks and changes here and there to my blogging strategy (if there really is one) as I go along and it works fine for me.
I probably would have started out with WP and not blogger. I hated switching but it was the best thing I did.

I would have stuck with it years ago when I first started.... and been famous by now ;o)
I would have definently started with a designer... I'm still looking but don't seem to have the time to do much of it...

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