Is Gambling a Man's Thing? We Dare to Disagree

To be a professional gambler, you need to be a man - at least this is what many media outlets and society as a whole are trying to tell us. Of course, men are seen as being risk-takers but this doesn't necessarily translate into them being the only gender to enjoy playing casino games. Stats show that as many women enjoy a few spins on a Royal Vegas slot machine than…



What would you differently if you could start your blog all over again?

- register a domain name?
- hire a designer?
- not blog about my family?

What would you do differently?

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If I was starting over, I would have been more intentional about frequently blogging AND the content of the posts. My early posts were just completely random and very infrequent; I would go MONTHS without an update.

I also wish that I had joined blogging networks sooner -- they add another fun dimension to blogging.
Not written so many paid posts. I would focus more on quality content.
I would find someone to help me make a unique design rather than using a template that I can't manipulate
You know where you can find me love!

Gayle said:
I would find someone to help me make a unique design rather than using a template that I can't manipulate
I am very happy about my blog path, can't say that i'd change anything from the start.

I mean I tweak things frequently on my sidebars as my mood changes and my knowledge about the blogosphere can never stop learning.
tried really hard to narrow my focus and find an appropriate design and have it all "set" before I opened the blog. I've done a lot of changing and experimenting and it probably drives all 3 of my readers crazy.
I would like to say i would come through the gate at a sprint, but I learned a lot on my path. I worked really hard to get where I am today, and I think it wouldn't be as sweet without the stumbles along the way.

If I did change one thing, it would be to join networks like these sooner. the friendships I have made from this, just priceless!
I'd have bought my domain and used self hosted wp from the beginning - now I have to move and i"m not looking forward to it!
If...I could start over - and of course I can start over, because I can simply stop the one I have now, and choose a new name, a new look, a new topic...all of that. But, IF I were to do that I would . . .
1. Write for a while before I told people about. In fact I may still need to write a while before I tell people about it.
2. Would NOT even think about the comments
3. Be more precise and enticing in titling posts

And, I can do all of those things now, so hey...what's holding me up?
Have not written the junk posts or joined the horrible paid post sites. Oy I was so naive!
I'm honestly pretty happy with the way everything has gone so far. I knew almost nothing about blogging before I started, but I'm a quick study :) I learned what people were and weren't reading, and stuck with the latter. And I have the benefit of being my own designer too. Overall, it has been a good learning experience, and I wouldn't change any of it. Well...If I could change ANYthing, I would've started years ago :)

Oh, and I can design your self-hosted WordPress blog, ladies, so look me up! I can also do blogs if you purchase the CSS upgrade.
hmmm... I think i will register domain name for my first blog. The other 2 already domain name. If i do also for my first blog, it will take from zero again for my technoraty, etc. I don't want that...So far, I have 1.550 technoraty for my first blog....

And then I will not put too much label :D

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