Win a $50 gift card to SmartyPig!

SmartyPig is the only banking applications that is social. It is the first online saving solution that helps you save for a specific goal by making accounts public, so family and friends can help you reach your savings goal faster. SmartyPig also gives you a competitive interest rate AND additional incentive boosts from best-in-class retailers when you reach your goal.

Just leave a comment to win. A winner will be chosen on Friday at 12 noon, EST.

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Well isn't that dandy!
Hmmm...sounds interesting...I'll have to check them out online...
It would be awesome to have others hold me accountable since I'm so bad at actually saving.
this sounds interesting with a catchy name as well. Off to check out their site.
Sounds like an interesting concept...curious to know more...will add it to my "check it later" list. Thanks!
I will have to check this out.
this looks like a lot of fun. this would be really great for a kid's blog too.

thanks for the tip
Oooh pick me, pick me!!!
Woohoo! I love Smarty Pig!
Sounds like a cool idea! I'm going to check it out...
great site ~ we would love to win!
So I'm thinking this might be something for me... :D


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