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I am thinking of redesign the layout of my blog again. How often do you redesign blog? As a web designer by trade I get bored with the design easily and constantly want to change it. Is it a bad idea to keep changing the look of your blog?

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I just started blogging about 3 months ago so I haven't yet changed the design of my blog, but I'd definitely like to. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to learn how to do it and I don't have the money to pay someone to redesign it - it cost me a lot of money just to get this design up and running.

I think you can change your design as often as you like, but it might be smart to keep a certain kind of theme so that your blog is instantly recognizable to your loyal followers - kwim? You can change a bunch of things on it, but maybe keep a few things constant so that you don't throw everyone off?

The Creative Junkie
For the first six months I redesigned a lot. I was learning more and more about web design and photoshop and was constantly tweaking my banner/header. I've finally settled on one I love and I've had it up for over 3 months now.

I don't think it's a bad idea to keep changing the look, a lot of bloggers do the 'new month, new logo' thing which is pretty cool.
I think it is your blog and you need to do whatever you like. I personally like to change mine up a bit becasue I get bored w/ it!
I've changed my design five times in the past three years. I think I've finally found something I'm willing to stick with. It's pretty versatile and easy on the eyes. I also paid for it and I'm all about getting my money's worth!
When I first started in March, I changed my header every week. I have Photoshop and tons of digiscrap, so it was fun. I'm happy with my new layout, so i'll keep it for a while..maybe until fall and then i'll switch it up again!
I've been slowly trying to get my blog to where I like it. I need to add a background and figure out how to keep white in the "text area". Some day I'll get the hang of it all and then I might change it up a bit more often!
I've changed my blog look about 5 times in teh past few years, maybe once every 10-12 months, when I've decided I don't like how it is laid out or I get sick of the colors. I liked a clean look, then I went for something more decorative, then something scrappy, then form 2 columns to 3. I just changed mine back to a clean look last week so I think I am probably good for a while.

I think it's ok to change your blog as much as you like. I just agonize so much over color choice I can't bring myself to do it often. It took me 6 years to choose paint for my living room. :)
I am about to have my 3rd design in 3 weeks. But this one will be a keeper!
I'm happy with the design I have through blogger templates, but I like to change my header and colors whenever the mood strikes me. I had a different header during the holidays, then I changed it to a more neutral design, then fourth of July, then one that is probably sort of springtime-ish, but I love it. I can create headers with PowerPoint or Adobe, so I tend to do that, maybe more often than I should. And when I change the header, I have to change the background and font colors to match. It's just fun! That's one reason I am hesitant to monetize, because I would feel like I had to "brand" my blog, and I like change.
I've changed my design about three times but I'm limited because of using go daddy. I ended up spending a lot of time doing my header and all that so I'm going to keep it for a while. I don't think you have to do things a certain way. I get bored easily too so I don't see why not change it once in a while or as much as you want. :)
I was changing my nonstop there for awhile but now that I have my logo copyrighted (for my brand), I'm sticking to these. I would like to change my food blog to the current template on my others but not using the same colors. So much work that I don't feel like doing though.

I think people come to know you by your blog so if you're constantly changing it, they become less familiar.
I haven't changed my blog design since I had a friend do it for me. I need to update my header, but the rest of it I'm still happy with.
The friend who designed my blog is going through some family issues right now... but I don't feel right asking another friend to work on my blog for me. I suppose that if I have my other friend to an entirely different template then the other friend shouldn't feel bad...but I don't feel right keeping just part of her design. ya know?


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