Mom Works, Inc is an on-line retail shop. The primary product is tees for Moms, an essential item in a Mom’s wardrobe.

Mom Works celebrates motherhood. The concept parallels motherhood and running a business and expresses an appreciation for the efforts put forth in raising great kids and building strong organizations. The illustrations incorporate humor and optimism given the importance of a Mom’s role and the magnitude of her responsibilities.

When everyday life gets complicated, a little love, humor and fellowship can go a long way. Treat yourself, your Mom or a deserving Mom you know. Mom Works products offer a sense of camaraderie, fun and recognition for a job well done.

Wear Mom Gear! Visit them at:

Want to win a tote bag full of goodies? Inside will be the Connected tee, a bumper sticker, Mom Works pen, post-its, plus a water bottle. Just leave a comment to enter.

Coupon Code for 10% OFF: 1217358692

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Well I'm game as usual. I think I'm determined to win something some day! LOL
Sorry about the confusion. Just leave a comment to enter.

Annabelle said:
I'm a bit do you win?
count me in! Very nice website too!
I am in :-) please
Please enter me...looks great!
Now this is a cool giveaway. Please enter me!
I love their website. I hope I win.
This concept is great! I really like their products.
Very cool! I'd love to win!
Some day I'll win! Maybe my rainbows over my house is good luck for me! he he
Count me in!
This is great. I just saw your Twitter about the giveaway. WOO HOO!!! I am going to the website now to see all their good stuff. BTW, I love this site. I am new to MBC. I love it.


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