Mom Works, Inc is an on-line retail shop. The primary product is tees for Moms, an essential item in a Mom’s wardrobe.

Mom Works celebrates motherhood. The concept parallels motherhood and running a business and expresses an appreciation for the efforts put forth in raising great kids and building strong organizations. The illustrations incorporate humor and optimism given the importance of a Mom’s role and the magnitude of her responsibilities.

When everyday life gets complicated, a little love, humor and fellowship can go a long way. Treat yourself, your Mom or a deserving Mom you know. Mom Works products offer a sense of camaraderie, fun and recognition for a job well done.

Wear Mom Gear! Visit them at:

Want to win a tote bag full of goodies? Inside will be the Connected tee, a bumper sticker, Mom Works pen, post-its, plus a water bottle. Just leave a comment to enter.

Coupon Code for 10% OFF: 1217358692

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I would love to win. I like winning things, it's entertaining, and everyday my kids come to me.. "So... win anything?"

(I won a Wii two weeks ago, they quit asking about that, In fact, I think they forgot my name in the excitement of it all!))
What a neat contest. The website is cute too!
Count me in, I can always use a new bag.
I would love to win this tote bag full of goodies and show off that I'm a mom blogger! Pls count me in.
I love this stuff!
wow, what a cool company! i'm game! ;)
Thanks, I'd love to win. Gonna go check out their site.
I'm totally game! Looks like a great gift package! Thanks for the opportunity!
I'd love to enter too.
Wow, really cute stuff! I particularly love the t-shirt. Honestly, I think that about sums up what blogging is about for me.
I'm always game for a prize. :) Even better when it looks cool!
Love the "Mom Works" logo. As a coach of a women's rugby team, I love the imagery of love=strength.



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