Do you find it makes any difference in traffic if you post something new in the morning or in the evening? Do you schedule your blogs to go out at a certain time? Or do you just post whenever the spirit moves you?

Right now, I am generally posting when I have time...but I wondered if anyone has noticed any patterns in traffic/comments when they post AM or PM!

So what say you!? Does timing mean anything?

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I don't know.... I would tend to think it doesn't matter, but more experienced people may know more. I have been using bloglines to keep track of the blogs I read and I'll check it a few times a day -- it is fun to see when the blogs I follow are updated.

I have done more scheduled posting just to spread out new posts and setting things for future dates, but I'm more concerned about picking dates than what time of day they are posted. I guess I'd do first thing in the morning but I have also set some for 4 in the afternoon, just whatever feels right.
I post early in the day while having my coffee, or else late at night when the kids are in bed. It's too hard to find a spare moment in between those two times!
I am usually ready to publish in the evening. That way I have a new post up for the morning. When traffic starts to hit, they have something new to read. I post almost everyday. Very rare for me to miss a day.
I usually type up my posts at night but schedule them to post in the mornings. I like to get up in the morning and read new posts by other people so I decided that I would have mine up in the morning also.
Hey Jenni,
I'm like you, I post when I have time. (Meaning when my daughters aren't on the computer.)
I haven't thought about the post-time/increased traffic connection.
I'll be following this.
I really try to post every other day or so on week days and then give myself the weekend off (unless I am super inspired by something). And then the time of day I post is usually during or after my son's naptime! It's really the only time of day I can sit and THINK. :) I would love to be more scientific about it and post during a time when folks might be more likely to read but I just can't quite get myself to do that when my time is limited enough as it is. Very interesting discussion topic!
I post whenever I can. It may be from my Blackberry on the way to work, at home in the very late evening or I may have so much to blog about I write all my posts on a Saturday morning and schedule each one to post everyday at a specific time. It really depends on what's going on in my life that week.
I post whenever I can but I have noticed that if I post in the early morning...I get more comments.
I try to post in the early morning.
I *try* to do it every morning with my coffee. But some days it's much later. I don't notice a difference in traffic at all either way. :)
I always have posts on reserve so usually I just try to get on the computer to post them. But I don't see much of a trend as far as traffic. You guys just gave me an idea to post date them so they go up automatically. I never thought of that! Thanks!
I post whenever i have a minute. it'll most likely start being in the morning's now that school is back in session.




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